Survivor: Worlds Apart - Episode 11

Survivor Russian Roulette

By Ben Willoughby

May 4, 2015

She's going to be on the jury!

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Shirin then takes her case to Sierra and talks about how Sierra is at the bottom of her “alliance.” Shirin lays it flat and says she’ll go with Sierra and Carolyn to the end. I don’t remember Sierra's response, and I’m not going to check the tape, either.

Meanwhile, Tyler decides to rifle through Dan’s bag. Dan is twirling his stupid hat on his finger, and the editing suggests that Tyler just grabs Dan’s bag, takes it to the waterhole and reads about the extra vote. He tells Carolyn, and explains in interview about how that’s a threat to him.

I have to say that I’m not a fan of the bag-grabbing. Part of Survivor is that you all have to live together, and when you have to share in each others’ lives to the extent that you’re washing dishes bottom-less and discussing each bowel movement, going through the one private thing someone has left is Survivor taboo.


That said, what is Dan doing keeping his Tribal advantage note in its ceremonial box? Does he think there’d be no-one so unscrupulous as to root through his meager possessions? People have been going through other people’s stuff in Survivor for longer then there have been hidden immunity idols, even though it’s obviously uncool and heavy. Go bury that somewhere, Dan!

But instead, Dan is listening to Mike’s pitch. Dan is worried that Mike could whip out an idol to protect Shirin, and he (Dan) could get the shove instead. But Dan also thinks that he can make it to the end, and “then point out all the moves I’ve made along the way.” I’d like that, because I like my tribal Council speeches short and silent. Mike moans in interview about how Dan was his strongest ally but he (Mike) screwed it up, and now Dan won’t give him a chance. If only there is some way for Mike to prove everything! As we look at Mike’s pleading face, I am reminded of The Blue Lagoon.

Tribal Council! Probst takes Shirin back to the last Tribal Council and what she said about her personal history, and asks how it affects her in the game. Because a lot of people on the show talk about how they can trust their family, but she has no one! “Trust is very hard to come by in my life,” says Shirin, and she explains that she’s not close to her mother and while she has a boyfriend and his family and her best friends, it’s not the same thing. Dan is shaking his head, and says that he is an adopted child, and all he has for blood in this world is his mother. His adopted family, who loved him and raised him and (I'm guessing) never said “you were adopted because your parents didn't want you!” is not the same thing at all! “So you had domestic violence in your upbringing?” asks Probst. “I’m an adopted child,” is Dan’s reply. “Not to split hairs, but that’s a big difference.” Duh. Dan’s adoptive parents think so too.

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