Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

March 18, 2015

Look out! She killed Sirius Black!

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Kim Hollis: What do you think Disney should consider updating next?

Edwin Davies: My first choice would be Beauty and the Beast while my last choice would be Dumbo, but since both of those are already in development I'll go for the crown jewel of the Princesses: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. That might seem like a risky choice since it wasn't long ago that audiences shrugged indifferently at two re-imaginings of Snow White, but Cinderella demonstrates that there is potential for a straightforward and earnest take on the material to do well, and audiences would probably be much more willing to go and see a new Disney version than they were to see a couple of knock-offs.

If they wanted to take a real gamble, I'd love to see them make a live-action version of Mulan, which could provide the kind of spectacle that drew audiences to Maleficent and add a touch of diversity to their current trend.

Jason Barney: The Lone Ranger...

Really, though... interesting question. I wonder how The Little Mermaid would play as a live action film.


Bruce Hall: As Edwin mentioned, Beauty and the Beast and Dumbo are already in the pipe, so this is a great opportunity for us all to get wildly imaginative. I say go big or go home - as long as Disney is emptying the vault on live action remakes, why not go for the home run and try Fantasia? I'm not saying I'd do it - the cynic in me sees that project quickly becoming a $300 million train wreck. Still, if you can pull of Tron: Legacy - a beautifully vain $175 million acid trip with a story small enough to fit in a shot glass - then you can pull off Fantasia.

Kim Hollis: Since Beauty and the Beast is already in the works (don't ruin it, Bill Condon), I'll go with Pinocchio. No, it's not the traditional princess tale, but I think it could be a dark, interesting movie if approached correctly. (Of course, a dark and interesting movie probably isn't something Disney wants).

Max Braden: Judging by the popularity of videos being passed around on the internet, Disney should make a full length movie featuring the guy who plays Gaston at Disney World.

My niece is a huge fan of the Disney Channel animated series Ever After High, which features a high school populated by the children of all the famous characters in Disney history. Making a movie based on that series seems like an easy option. Frankly I'd like to see a redo of Snow White to wipe the slate of Kristen Stewart's overly brooding entry.

David Mumpower: My vote is for The Sword in the Stone, which is King Arthur with Harry Potter special effects. They've effectively targeted women and girls with their previous remakes and will score again with Beauty and the Beast. They should make a movie for little boys now. PS: No, Tron 2 and 3 don't count.

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