Survivor: Worlds Apart Power Rankings

Week 3

By Ben Willoughby

March 17, 2015

Go Knoxville!

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White Collar

Another boring week over at White Collar, with more “everyone thinks Shirin is crazy.” “The White Collars have long team meetings where they talk about synergy” would be more interesting than this.

1. Tyler

Even though Tyler knows Carolyn has the hidden immunity idol, he is out there looking for it and making friends with Joaquin even though he knows both activities are probably pointless. A for effort, Tyler.

2. Carolyn

Carolyn is not impressed with nudity or monkey sex, so I wonder if she makes friends easily. But still, she should really have been out there searching for the idol.

3. Max

Another quiet week for Max. I think he had more camera time with his mouth blurred than not this week.

4. Shirin

Thanks to her vivid interest the animals around camp, particularly the monkey sex, I'm putting her in the same basket of memorable Survivors as Frank from Africa and Cindy from Guatemala. In other words, who? Anyway, telling the rest of her tribe about the monkey sex isn’t helping her fit in with the rest of the group, who obviously never grew up reading National Geographic articles about Jane Goodall. Joaquin even calls Shirin “crazy paranoid,” but I believe that’s just sour grapes because she saw through his “neutral clue” clue lie so fast. Plus, I’m pretty sure her endless talk while they are idol-hunting is just to troll him.

5. Joaquin

Joaquin apparently can’t figure out the clue to the hidden immunity idol, but I think a kinder interpretation is that he has already looked everywhere that the clue suggests, hasn’t found it and is desperate enough to share his information in the vague hope that it helps someone trust him.


No Collar

Nina was voted out last episode, and it became very clear that – being uptight about everything from social invitations to lizard-eating – she was on the wrong tribe from the start. It was kind of clueless of Survivor, really – “Get this, an advocate for the deaf! How loopy is that? Let’s stick her on the same tribe as the coconut vendor, the jewelry designer and the guy who hams it up in front of a gas station camera!”

1. Jenn

I think Jenn has the right mix of charm and selfishness to do very well in this game. She couldn't care less about Nina's issues, saying that they are all going through the same experience on Survivor, while neglecting to mention that Nina was going through it alone while Jenn is going through it with a new BFF who likes to surf. I have two predictions about Jenn's future game: the White Collar men are going to be all over her, and the Blue Collar women are going to loathe her.

2. Joe

Joe has been getting a sympathetic edit – he’s the one you see talking about team camaraderie, and the one talking with Nina to show how much time he's spent around deaf people. But all of this rings a little hollow to me. It’s Day 8, and we are only learning that he can sign now? Okay, maybe editing can explain that one. But if he’s spent a lot of time around deaf people, why does he think that the best contribution Nina can possibly make in the challenge is to go sit in the corner? Regardless, it was just bad challenge strategy, bad team management and when you add it to Joe’s bad voting strategy of the previous week, that golden boy image is getting a little tarnished.

3. Hali

Hali seems pretty deep in Jenn’s pocket, from her talk about “me and Jenn” having trouble at the merge. Note: not “me and Joe” or “the three of us.” The only mystery about Hali is what her #1 and #2 passions are. And I’m pretty sure I know what one of them is.

4. Will

Will is obviously on the bottom of his tribe, since he has nothing in common with the rest of them, none of them trust him and he’s a lead weight at challenges. If No Collar lose again, who are the producers going to play "anyone but Will" with?

Next episode of Survivor is a double episode, so we’ll have two Tribal Councils and hopefully some meaningful insights into tribes that are not the No Collar tribe. On Blue Collar, there’s a screaming match between Rodney and Lindsey, which does nothing to sway my view that the tribe is idiots. And a challenge may go horribly wrong, with Probst calling in medical. So maybe we won’t learn much about the non-No Collar tribes after all!

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