Survivor: Worlds Apart - Power Rankings

Week 2

By Ben Willoughby

March 10, 2015

Tobias Funke would be horrified by this tribe.

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POS, 18 castaways were split into three tribes: the bourgeoisie who will be the first ones up against the wall when the revolution comes, the proletariat saps who will be sold to the knackers’ yard when they are no longer useful and the free-thinkers with a bunch of narrow-minded ideas and no follow-through.

Here are the power rankings for this week:

Blue Collar

The problem with the Blue Collar tribe is that not one of them seems interested in talking through problems. Mike is telling everyone to do work. Rodney doesn’t want to listen. Dan is loud. Lindsey is mad. I assume Sierra and Kelly are sitting back to let the disaster unfold. So long as they keep not losing challenges that’s fine, but one day the blue collars are going to have to build alliances rather than shouting or stewing about the shouting.

1. Rodney

With Dan being a loudmouth and Mike being a slave-driver, Rodney is starting to look like the only guy with a chance of being in an alliance with anyone else on his tribe.

2. Kelly

Which one was Kelly? Oh right, she’s the undercover cop who could play Mark Wahlberg’s partner in The Departed.

3. Sierra

Which one was Sierra? I think she does something with rodeos.


4. Mike

Mike believes that no one else on his tribe is true blue collar because they are all having fun, rather than piling up a year’s worth of firewood. Perhaps we’ve uncovered the crazy survivalist on the Blue Collar tribe. I imagine Mike has a basement fully stocked with canned butter and dehydrated potato slices. Anyway, blue collars are good for more than just pointless labor, Mike. Don’t buy into the show’s label!

5. Lindsey

Apparently, Lindsey is both stupid and paranoid enough to believe Dan lost his underwear on purpose. That’s a dangerous combination.

6. Dan

The bad news for Dan is that he lost his underwear, and he’s going to have to walk around commando for the rest of the season. The worse news is that Dan is hated enough that his tribemates believe he deliberately lost his Speedos as part of his camp clown act. At least, Jim got his wish to never see Dan’s Speedo again, though the Devil’s gifts are always cursed.

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