The Amazing Race 26 Recap Part II

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 27, 2015

Why, this task is easy! Er... oops.

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Previously on The Amazing Race, 10 suckers agreed to spend somewhere between days and months on an extended first date with a complete stranger. The results have been glorious thus far. Attractive people dressed to impress have already been slung through the mud and forced to shower together (while clothed in never-nude style, no less). Needy romantics with fantasies about an epic meet-cute have pushed to force love at first sight upon their less enthusiastic counterparts. And a New Kid on the Block has been declared better than all remaining Backstreet Boys on national television. Best of all, we’ve still got a full hour left in the first episode! Eat your heart out, Daron Aldridge’s recap sabbatical!

The odd twist for the later flight is that two of the three teams are long term couples. This flies in the face of our prediction yesterday that teams who have an existing comfort level will perform better in earlier legs. Then again, we also noted that there may be more pressure for the blind daters to impress one another by pushing themselves harder. It remains to be seen which philosophy is the winner, or at least the survivor, tonight. It’s unlikely that a person on the earlier plane finishes in last place although it’s not unprecedented.

Jelani & Jenny are first off the plane, and they make the calculated decision to take a taxi rather than a train to their next destination. Jeff & Jackie follow suit while most of the other competitors choose the safer option. Jeff experiences his first test in the relationship when Jackie notices a bug on the interior roof of their ride. She freaks out, demanding that he “be a man.” He passes the test by shoving the bug out the window, and she describes him as her hero. We note that she overreacted in a cliché way, and if bugs upset her that much, the rest of The Amazing Race will be wildly unpleasant. She may have to eat something like that in a few episodes.


Meanwhile, the people on the second plane land, although their time is not revealed. There is no way to know for sure how far behind they are. We do know that the largely ignored Rochelle & Mike, Team Truck Stop Love if you’re keeping score at home, make it to the train before it departs. Hayley and Blair are not so lucky, causing Hayley to recite the most predictable line of this entire episode. “Worst. First date. Ever.” Imagine how Blair feels.

The first challenge tonight kinda freaks us out. Apparently, some folks in Japan love to do something called Syncing Steps, which is largely what it sounds like. A group of people works in a modified form of slow motion, thereby syncing steps. A famous Japanese band called World Order will perform the steps that contestants must mimic. If players find this too creepy – and they should – they have the option to choose Samurai Sake instead. Teams must memorize the names of 10 sakes, take an order from a table of samurai warriors (approximately 20 of them) and relay the order to their partner. If done correctly, the samurai will perform a toast then provide the next clue. Sake all the way!

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