The Amazing Race 26 Recap Part II

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 27, 2015

Why, this task is easy! Er... oops.

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Speaking of Rochelle & Mike, they’ve been dating seven months, yet he has never met her son, because she hasn’t let him. That’s… not good. You’re a booty call, dude. As he seems to have no problem with such an odd form of emasculation, the first Detour begins in earnest. Jeff & Jackie struggle to identify wine bottles, causing Jackie to note that that her brain is not strong. After only a couple of attempts, however, she delivers the appropriate sake bottle to a very pleased samurai. This task seems waaaaaaaay easier than Syncing Steps.

To wit, Jelani & Matt both mess up. The unnatural movements and intricate timing seem harder for men. Every other team chooses this option except for the one guy with dancing experience, the New Kid on the Block. On a seemingly unrelated note, Jonathan & Harley finish the sake challenge on their first try.

Hayley & Blair are having another adventure. Their entire leg must have been hysterical, because it feels like they’ve received more face-time than the rest of teams combined. They still haven’t found their destination, and the explanation is that Blair has led them astray. Hayley cannot wait to gloat about this, which somehow makes the leg even more miserable for Blair. WHY IS THERE NEVER A DOCTOR NEEDED WHEN HE NEEDS TO BE NEEDED???

During Jeff & Jackie’s 7th (!) attempt, Rochelle & Mike arrive. He immediately notes that the second place team is still trying to complete the task. That realization alone should be enough to cause them to run away screaming, yet they don’t. Whoever finishes in last place this week will have chosen Syncing Steps rather than Samurai Sake. The odds alone dictate this when the final teams from the second flight arrive before the first team there has finished. In fact, the onlookers watch in horror as Laura & Tyler complete the challenge on their second attempt, thereby becoming the only team to do so thus far. Alas, this achievement earns them only third place behind – you guessed it – the teams that did Samurai Sake. On the plus side, Laura quietly judges Tyler in a positive fashion. Soon afterward, Jelani & Jenny complete the task as well.


TAR’s producers got meaner during the off-season. The Pit Stop this week – yes, we’re already to the Pit Stop after one Detour – is carefully hidden in a heavily trafficked area. A team that fails to discover the end portion of the leg may have to drive for an interminable period in bumper to bumper traffic.

Of course, that’s still better than Syncing Steps. Daylight is turning to night as more teams line up to make fools of themselves, all while samurais wait for their unserved sake. The Amazing Race’s competitors got dumber during the off-season. Eventually, the Olympians complete the trial, which makes sense for people who need precision and coordination to perform at an international level.

Jelani & Jenny try to decipher the location of the Pit Stop based upon the clues available. At the same time, editing shows the current leaders, Jackie & Jeffrey, running wildly inside the parking facility. Jackie requests a re-reading of the clue and then has the epiphany that the Pit Stop must be outside. She glares at Jeffrey and grudgingly states, “If this mistake costs us the Express Pass, it will be really devastating.” Welcome to Dumpville, Jeffrey! Vegas showgirls only date guys who can read clues right.

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