The Amazing Race 26 Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 26, 2015

It's The New Dating Game, with special guest host Chuck Woolery!

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Hayley uses this opportunity to take a selfie of herself, which will apparently be a thing this year. She looks sad. We can’t decide if this is because Blair is too old or too young for her. She does add that she finds him super-attractive, and that reveal leaves him tongue-tied. Then, she talks about how she’s a blonde, and you can freeze-frame the moment when he regrets everything.

Once they reach the airport food court, she refers to it as their first date. Then, she relays a tidbit of wisdom from her life experiences. “If you tell me you have a wife and you’re on a date with me, I think I have every right to leave.” Blair asks how many times that has happened. Hayley looks at the camera and firmly adds, “Twice.” We suspect that’s code for eight times. Blair looks around wistfully as if hoping that someone there will suddenly require the medical emergency that would force him to treat them rather than continue this leg. He has performed the requisite calculation and tabulated that the hot does not in fact outweigh the crazy.

Laura & Tyler’s car trip is perhaps the oddest. Laura reveals that she has trained in psychology. She proceeds to evaluate Tyler based upon his behavior so far. As a reminder, that’s roughly 15 minutes consisting of a hug, an obstacle course, and a bit of driving. Tyler is apparently doing well according to her. The opposite is not true since Tyler now realizes he has been paired with a super-judgmental partner. Go with God, our son.

Back to Hayley, the breakout star of the first episode! Now, she is meeting the fellow contestants! Jonathan reveals to her that he was in a band in the 1980s. She asks if she would know any songs, and he says, “Step by Step.” Hayley breathlessly exclaims, “NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!” Ladies and gentlemen, a true fan! She indicates that she saw them in concert with Backstreet Boys, which must have been a relatively recent show. In fact, Wikipedia indicates that it occurred in 2011, so Hayley is a REAL fan. She adds that Jonathan’s band was much better, and he excitedly tells the on-looking Blair that she is a keeper. Dr. Dreamy, if you’d like a second opinion…


Kurt and Bergen continue to struggle for camera time. Kurt reveals that he is a beauty pageant trainer from Northern Kentucky. Also, he has never been in a serious relationship. That’s the last we see of him for a while. Kurt and Bergen must be deadly dull. Rather than waste further time on them, the show cuts to CJ and Lebya, the on again, off again couple for the past decade. Lebya indicates that they’re getting married soon, which seems like news to CJ. When pressed, he adds, “No comment.” Lebya, maybe you should hook up with Laura. She, too, is in a hurry to get married.

There is virtually nothing shown of the flight to Japan, which is odd since that’s the best time to explore the new dynamic of each relationship. Our money is on Jackie and Jeffrey joining the Mile High Club. They both seem like the “take it when you want it” type. All the show chooses to air is Laura & Tyler stating that the prize is a million dollars before Laura adds, “And love…” Grab a parachute and jump off the plane, Tyler! It’s not too late!

That’s it for part one of the recap. Check back tomorrow for the elimination portion of the leg, which should be a lot less flirty.

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