The Amazing Race 26 Recap

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

February 26, 2015

It's The New Dating Game, with special guest host Chuck Woolery!

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Libby and CJ have been dating on and off for 10 years, which means that they’re horrible for one another and they know it but they can’t stay away. Presumably, competing on The Amazing Race will lead to either a proposal or a murder-suicide. They both seem like nice people, so we’ll root for the former. With the wrestlers last year, we were rooting for the latter and have yet to give up hope.

Matt and Ashley are athletic looking hairstylists, and apparently Ashley poached Matt from her friend whom he was hitting on. She apparently badmouthed him repeatedly before claiming him for her own. Relationships are all about opportunism. Jeff & Lyda have been dating for four years. He is a pilot while she is a stewardess. They sound like they’ve been trying to get together for an extended period, but the timing only worked out a few years ago, meaning they’ve probably been sleeping together on and off for 15 years. Presumably, a lot of their former exes are nodding their heads right now, going “I knew it!”

#BlindDate begins when the focus turns to the bachelors. They have no roses to present, which is good because the entire situation feels a bit like The Amazing Race: Tinder edition. Blair, a navy surgeon, gets hooked up with Hayley, a pediatric trauma nurse. They seem perfectly matched, although Blair seems more into him at the start by hugging him and playing with her hair a bit in the flirtiest manner possible.


Vegas showgirl Jackie rushes over to Jeff, all the while noting that she prefers beefy guys. That’s good since Jeff is arguably the most muscular player this season. Jackie is not shy about the fact that she’s all about the superficial. This means that she’s pleased, while Jeff may wind up regretting this entire season. Laura runs over to Tyler, who seems quite pleased at her physical appearance. We feel like we should warn the app developer that his new ladyfriend mentions the M word, marriage, in literally her second sentence. Eep! Give her a fake number, Tyler! Wait. That probably won’t work here.

Jelani and Jenny seem more cerebral than the other blind daters. Nicknamed The Legal Team, they are both lawyers. His bio indicates that he gets compared to Taye Diggs a lot, which means Taye Diggs should sue him for defamation of character. Jenny seems quite driven while he seems laid back, so this appears to be either the best or the most combustible pairing, maybe even both. The final team is Bergen and Kurt, gay men who are immediately drawn to one another. Why? They have the same hairstyle. Call us skeptical but if the best commonality is the hair, the relationship isn’t meant to be.

Phil forces the new couples to engage in some awkward banter. Jelani scores the most points by indicating that he has the prettiest partner, which isn’t true but it’s savvy of him to say. Laura all but shouts from the rooftops that she’s happy with her partner. Run, Tyler. Run fast. And no, we’re not talking about running for the purposes of The Amazing Race. At this rate, Laura may trick a baby out of you by the third leg. Hayley & Blair come across as the shy duo, but Haley does seem to be a bit giddy at the thought of spending a few days with her new man. Hormones are running the show right now. The Amazing Race turned into The Real World/Road Rules Challenge so gradually we barely even noticed.

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