Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 1 Recap, Part One

It's Survivor Warfare

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

February 26, 2015

I was in the NFL, you know. Okay, it was only for a month. But that was a great month.

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As we wind down the intros, Joaquin from White Collar tells us that he's used to being in charge. "Fast money, loose women, lots of champagne." What are three things that you will NOT have after your early boot on Survivor 30? The Joe tells us he doesn't want people to see him as a threat. He wants them all to think he's just there for the beaches. Boston Rod chimes in with, "People look at me and just think I'm a meathead. But when it comes to competition, I'm a filet mignon and they're a bunch of Steak 'Ums." Hey Jeff, can you break it down for us? "39 days, 18 people, one Survivor!" Thanks, buddy!

We don't go to break yet, we're gonna get the arrival before the break. Shirin tells us she's been applying for 10 years to be on this show. And there they all are on their mats and being welcomed to Survivor by Jeff. He explains the way the tribes have been broken up. Yellow is the White Collar tribe. He starts with Tyler and asks if the description fits and he agrees that it does. He moves to the Blue Collar Tribe. He describes them as well and then asks Dan how that description fits. He goes on to practically sing the blue collar anthem. Lindsey then spoils that the winner of this season is on their mat. No Collars are embracing their status as free spirits. Vince tells us that he already knows he's with family. He says they have that free smile.


Rod says that he totally fits on the Blue Collars because he moves furniture. But, the game is already afoot as he was not telling the truth. He tells us that he really doesn't move furniture. He's in sales. And by sales, that means that he makes bids on contracting jobs and then hopes he's chosen to do the work. Carolyn goes on to say that they work just as much as everyone else and are just as free-spirited. Joaquin tells us that his 9 to 5 doesn't define who he is.

And with that, the game really gets started. Jeff asks White Collar to pick a representative. Max tells us that being that guy is a horrible move. They choose Joaquin. Blue Collar quickly chooses postal worker Dan. After much deliberation. MUCH deliberation, the No Collars choose Will, apparently because he's going to make sandwiches. And by that, he, yeah, I got nothin'. He tells us about his Leno YouTube video and how much people loved it. The Jeff drops another quick bomb. They need to pick a second person to go with them. Mike volunteers for Blue Collar. So steps up for White Collar. And Will chooses Jenn to join him. Maybe he's trying to form some kind of double consonant alliance right off the bat.

Jeff tells us that the yellow tribe will be Masaya. Blue will be Escameca. And red will be Nagarote. They all have to head to camp and once they arrive, the pairs will separate to handle their "big decision." Carolyn tells us that, "Class has nothing to do with it, it's Survivor warfare."

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