Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 1 Recap, Part One
It's Survivor Warfare
By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst
February 26, 2015

I was in the NFL, you know. Okay, it was only for a month. But that was a great month.

Hello, good people, and welcome to the Premiere edition of Survivor Worlds Apart - Blue Collar, White Collar, No Collar. I'm Jim Van Nest and I'm back to cover this monumental 30th...that's right, haters...30th season of the Godfather of Reality Shows, Survivor. But even more important, this is my 15th season recapping Survivor!! Good lord what a crazy ride it's been!

If you haven't had a chance yet, you should go check out my three preview columns here at BOP where I broke down all three tribes and even predicted a winner for you. Once you've done that, come on back to the recap and we'll be set!

I am totally pumped for this season of Survivor. Coming off the high of #teamtv's win in Brains Vs. Beauty Vs. Brawn...last season's Blood Vs. Water rehash was a real dud for me. I was pleased with the Twinnie winnie, which really is all I need to say to fully explain how much of a dud it was. But this season has been hyped to the hilt as one of the best casts in the history of the show and from my previews; I can definitely see that being the case. Because I'm so excited for the season to start, I'm gonna shut up now and get to the episode!

And we begin! Three trucks are driving through the jungle as Jeff Probst narrates. The trucks are red, yellow and blue. We start with the White Collars. They call the shots. So gets the first confessional and tells us, essentially, that she's the devil. Max tells us he's a professor and that he steps on the people in his way. Carolyn tells us that she expects Survivor to be like the corporate world, where people will do whatever is necessary to get what they want.

And here's the Blue Collar tribe, with a state trooper, a barrel racer and a postal worker. Mike talks first and tells us that he's usually covered in oil and mud and that you need to get your hands dirty in this game to win. Lindsey tells us that her daughter has made her who she is and that no one on earth is as mentally strong as she is. Dan has been dreaming of this since the first episode of the first season. He's not sure what kind of game he'll play, but he plans to be memorable.

Now we're down to the No Collars. They have a sailing instructor, a YouTube sensation and a coconut vendor. Jenn tells us that she always does whatever she wants. She punctuates it by asking, "Ever see an unhappy person on a jet-ski?" Seriously, if she goes out early, as Survivor fans, we might owe it to her to take up a collection for a jet-ski. I mean, obsess much, Jenn? Hali tells us that people may assume she's a corporate girl because she's in law school, but she's in it for the greater good. And then there's Vince. Oh, sweet Vince. This guy's gonna provide SO much material this season. As an example, he starts with, "As a coconut vendor, I seek truth. I'm a seer of real." Then he has to take a second to catch the sweet wave of what he just said.

As we wind down the intros, Joaquin from White Collar tells us that he's used to being in charge. "Fast money, loose women, lots of champagne." What are three things that you will NOT have after your early boot on Survivor 30? The Joe tells us he doesn't want people to see him as a threat. He wants them all to think he's just there for the beaches. Boston Rod chimes in with, "People look at me and just think I'm a meathead. But when it comes to competition, I'm a filet mignon and they're a bunch of Steak 'Ums." Hey Jeff, can you break it down for us? "39 days, 18 people, one Survivor!" Thanks, buddy!

We don't go to break yet, we're gonna get the arrival before the break. Shirin tells us she's been applying for 10 years to be on this show. And there they all are on their mats and being welcomed to Survivor by Jeff. He explains the way the tribes have been broken up. Yellow is the White Collar tribe. He starts with Tyler and asks if the description fits and he agrees that it does. He moves to the Blue Collar Tribe. He describes them as well and then asks Dan how that description fits. He goes on to practically sing the blue collar anthem. Lindsey then spoils that the winner of this season is on their mat. No Collars are embracing their status as free spirits. Vince tells us that he already knows he's with family. He says they have that free smile.

Rod says that he totally fits on the Blue Collars because he moves furniture. But, the game is already afoot as he was not telling the truth. He tells us that he really doesn't move furniture. He's in sales. And by sales, that means that he makes bids on contracting jobs and then hopes he's chosen to do the work. Carolyn goes on to say that they work just as much as everyone else and are just as free-spirited. Joaquin tells us that his 9 to 5 doesn't define who he is.

And with that, the game really gets started. Jeff asks White Collar to pick a representative. Max tells us that being that guy is a horrible move. They choose Joaquin. Blue Collar quickly chooses postal worker Dan. After much deliberation. MUCH deliberation, the No Collars choose Will, apparently because he's going to make sandwiches. And by that, he, yeah, I got nothin'. He tells us about his Leno YouTube video and how much people loved it. The Jeff drops another quick bomb. They need to pick a second person to go with them. Mike volunteers for Blue Collar. So steps up for White Collar. And Will chooses Jenn to join him. Maybe he's trying to form some kind of double consonant alliance right off the bat.

Jeff tells us that the yellow tribe will be Masaya. Blue will be Escameca. And red will be Nagarote. They all have to head to camp and once they arrive, the pairs will separate to handle their "big decision." Carolyn tells us that, "Class has nothing to do with it, it's Survivor warfare."

We come back from break as the No Collars arrive at camp. Hali is thrilled to be on this tribe. They look fun and laid back. Nina gathers the tribe to tell them that she is completely deaf and that she has the cochlear implants. They are very receptive to her, which takes a load off her mind. Then talks turn to shelter and the two that have to go make the decision. As a tribe, they start talking out what the choices may be and they actually make a list of what's most important. Rice, tarp, etc. Very smart, I think for the whole tribe to discuss this before the other two go and make a potentially bad decision.

So we join Will and Jenn as they come up on the decision spot. The choice is a simple one (as is the decision, but I'll get to that in a bit). You can take a big bag of beans back to camp to help feed the tribe for many days to come. Or, you can take a much smaller bag of beans back to camp and get a clue to the hidden immunity idol. They don't even hesitate and they take the big bag. Jenn tells us that you can't start playing an individual game at this point; you have to play the team game. And she's absolutely 100 million percent right. Taking the clue would be insane. for a couple of reasons, really. First is that when you come back to camp with a teeny tiny bag of beans, how do explain to your tribe that it was the best thing for the tribe? Also, we've seen over several seasons now that the producers kind of suck at hiding immunity idols. People find them without clues all the time. Now that they know there's an idol at camp, they can still search for it in all the obvious places.

Now it's time to see what the guys at Blue Collar do with their decision. Mike asks Dan if they want to be good guys or bad guys. Dan says he wants to be a good guy, but villains win this game. He then says, "But it's too early to be a villain." So, as they should, the guys decide on the big bag of rice. The next exchange however, is the producers' dream scenario of what this decision can possibly do at camp. The guys come back to camp with the big bag of rice, feeling like heroes. Lindsey is pumped. Sierra Dawn doesn't buy it. She says the bag is way too small. She asks us in confessional if the small bag held like four beans. Actually, wasn't much more than that. But that's how something like this plays out. Even if you make the absolute right decision, perception is huge in this game and despite acting in everyone's best interest; the guys are now not trusted by Sierra.

As Mike and Dan talk about it, they agree that they made the right decision and that's all they can worry about. Juggling some coconuts, Dan makes a pretty cool analogy for the game, "The hard part isn't juggling. It's not looking at your hands while you're juggling." And of course, he's not looking at his hands as he says it. But it's very true. You have to be 100% with all of your moves in this game. If you keep looking at your hands to keep your balls in the air (that's right...I said "keep your balls in the air") you're going to miss something else. You have to keep those balls in motion while being on the lookout for other things. On Dan Foley - you chubby bearded sage you!

We're at the White Collar tribe now. And what better way to celebrate arriving at camp than to go right into a roundtable "who I am" discussion. Carolyn tells us she's in training, so introductions are very important. It's like a little board room in the middle of the jungle. It's pretty obnoxious but I have to admit, I kinda like Carolyn. Maybe it's the New York thing. She's got the great accent and I can't wait to see her get pissed about something. I bet she can throw an epic tantrum.

And now it's time for Joaquin and So to go make their decision. They're all so very successful that knowing the right move here should be a piece of cake, right? Um...not so fast. Joaquin immediately says that they have to take the idol clue. So isn't totally on board with him, but I can tell that she wants to be a bad girl. To his credit, Joaquin does an excellent job of convincing her to go with him and to make the game's first alliance. I discounted him in my preview, but if he can sway someone that easily to make an absolutely horrible decision...maybe he has some game in him. On the other hand, now this chucklenut has to go back to camp with like 20 beans and convince his tribe they made the best decision for everyone involved. With these people? Are you kidding me? Ain't happenin', captain! So tells us she's worried about being kind of forced into this alliance so soon, like she's made a deal with the devil.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Part Two of the Surivor premiere recap.