Survivor Worlds Apart - Season Preview

Blue Collar Tribe

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

February 24, 2015

Sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip...

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Hello, good people, and welcome to Part Two of our Survivor 30, Worlds Apart season preview. Yesterday was all about the white collars...the ones who "make the rules." Well today, we're gonna talk about the ones who "follow the rules" - the Blue Collar Tribe.

The Blue Collar Tribe is called Escameca and will wear, wait for it, Blue buffs to start the season. Here is where you'll find your hard workers, tough guys and chicks who won't take your crap! Well, mostly. It's the only tribe that doesn't have a player from California on it. And considering there are nine folks from Cali on the show this season, that's pretty impressive. My takeaway on that is that there must not be any hard-working, follow the rules types on our left coast. I kid, I kid.

Like I did with White Collar, I'm going to talk about each member of this tribe in the order I think they'll finish in the game. So let's get to it!


1) Maybe it's because I just watched Jaclyn go to the final three last season, but I'm putting Sierra Dawn Thomas as my #1 from the Blue Collar tribe. Sierra reminds me of Jaclyn, so maybe that's why they're linked in my mind. Anyway, Sierra may sport pageant girl looks, but she is pretty far from that. She's actually a barrel racer. No, she doesn't race barrels. It's a rodeo competition akin to a slalom race, but on horseback. She rains horses and is, quite literally, a cowgirl. If these guys, or the other girls for that matter, skim over her because of her looks, I have a feeling they'll be in trouble. On the rodeo circuit, she claims she often gets little sleep or food, so she's not concerned too much about the elements at all. She's more worried about her tendency to be a little too trusting with people. She says people will get a different opinion of her when she's kicking the boys' butts out there. The negative on Sierra is that she says she's most like Parvati. STOP IT already! No you're not!! But, on this tribe, I don't think she has to be Parvati to go the farthest. Without a shadow of a doubt, Sierra Dawn - you're definitely datable!

2) I'm gonna go against my normal grain here and put Mike Holloway, an oil driller from Texas, all the way up at #2 on this tribe. It's against the grain because Mike is the textbook definition of the alpha male who has been getting run out of the game early in recent seasons. But something about him tells me he'll stick. He's already saying that he's left his regular persona behind so he can be whoever he needs to be to win this game. If he has to be the villain, he's more than ready to do that. He wants to play a cutthroat game and with an opening day target on his back, he'll probably have to. He is a happily married family man, but will have no problem using any of the girls on his tribe to get farther in the game. I just have an inkling about him. He'll be a challenge beast and a workhorse around camp. I'd expect him to be a provider, of sorts, for his tribe. The biggest downfall for Mike is that he's another Ozzy/Boston Rob. UGH! A lot of these people are fans of the show; they have to know more than just five players, right? Anyhoo, I think Mike is poised to make a deep run into the game, definitely to the jury. Then it'll depend on whether or not he can win enough challenges to stay alive. Prognosis - datable!

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