Survivor Worlds Apart - Season Preview

Blue Collar Tribe

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

February 24, 2015

Sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip...

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3) I find myself putting the same type of person at third place. In this tribe, it's New York police trooper, Kelly Remington. Maybe it's the accent, but I put her in the same order as Carolyn on White Collar. I do, however, have a higher upside to Kelly's game. She gave me almost nothing to work with, with the shortest bio in the history of ever. Seriously, this paragraph will end up longer than her bio. I liked her video though. In it, she tells us that she's good at reading and relating to people. She's most worried about keeping her guard up and never losing track of the game. Growing complacent, I guess you could say. It doesn't sound like she wants to tell anyone she's a cop and after #teamtv, I might actually have to agree with her on this.

This tribe seems stocked with characters and a couple people I'm pretty certain will leave the game before her, which means she could potentially get a strong foothold in the game. As a 44-year-old woman, she'll be well out of the cross-hairs when the alpha males go after each other. She could be one of those people that really benefits from a tribe switch. If she can relate to people as quickly as she says, she'll be able to form alliances in any tribe and that could carry her far. She'll be a threat, but likely never the biggest threat. She'll make the merge and come out of this game as datable.

4) Here is where this tribe gets really interesting. The bottom three on this list have the potential to be absolutely insane, starting with Dan Foley. Dan is the fanboy-est fanboy I've seen on the show. Like Max, he's been devoted to this game from the beginning. But he doesn't come across like a student of the game (which Max does). He comes across like the ultimate superfan of the game. He estimates he's traveled over 25,000 miles to go to open casting calls for the show and has sent in over 100 tapes beginning with Season Two. I think this guy is going to be great TV, I just don't think he'll be 13 episodes worth of great TV. I worry for him that he might be too geeked out at everything to really focus on the game. He says he wants the title more than anything (his wife can have the money)...but I think when the reality of this thing hits, Dan could find himself a little starstruck and overwhelmed out there. Also, as the older, less fit guy on the tribe, he could be the weak link in challenges. And early game strategy usually dictates that you have to dump the dead weight early. I'm rooting for Dan because he is insanely likable, but when all is said and done, it's a good thing Dan's married, because he'll leave Survivor - un-datable.

5) Here we go; coming in fifth on this tribe is the person who could be my favorite potential train wreck, Lindsey Cascadden. Lindsey of the face tat and spider web swimming suit is very likely to be WAY overmatched out here. Her plan is to come in and flirt her way to the end, though thankfully, she does NOT list Parvati as the Survivor she is most like. She identified with Ciera Eastin from the first Blood vs Water, probably because they're both young moms. Lindsey is only 24.

I just don't think flirting is a viable strategy to win the game. People think that's all Parvati did to win her season and almost win Heroes vs Villains, but she is much more than that. I worry that this game will just be too much for her, especially when the elements are added in. The lack of food will be an issue and she may alienate herself right away. I do think that if she's able to get any traction in the game, we could be looking at an epic meltdown later in the season. As pretty as she is and as provocative as her swim attire is, Lindsey will sadly not be datable.


6) This brings us to Rodney. Oh my goodness, where to go with this chucklenut. Well, let's see, he's a contractor from Boston - sound familiar? Yeah, well, that and the accent is pretty much where those comparisons will end. This dude's bio and video are incredible. Let's run it down: captain of the high school football team, graduated from college with a - get this - bachelor's degree, lists Tom Brady as his hero (look at his wife, man), considers himself to be a hustler and may just go down as the greatest player to ever come out of Boston. And no, he didn't say that as a jab at Rob. He meant it. Which means he's either delusional or has never watched an episode of the show. Either way, he's dead man walking. He's a big, strong guy, but I don't think even that will overcome the potential douche factor. Besides, Mike looks every bit as strong and will be useful around camp. I don't think the Blue Collars will lose the first challenge, but if they did, I'd lay odds Boston Rod will be first to go. Epically not datable!

Whoa! Is that all? I guess it is. Two tribes down, only one left to go. Thanks a ton for coming back and checking out Part Two of our Survivor Worlds Apart preview. Be sure to show up again tomorrow as I break down the No Collar Tribe. And then on Thursday, look for the recap of the super duper 90 minute premiere!! As always, you can reach me on Twitter @vannestjc or via email at vannestjc(at)gmail(dot)com! Love to hear your impressions and thoughts!! 'Til tomorrow, take care!

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