The Amazing Race 25 - Episode 7

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

December 1, 2014

Not sure if non-elimination leg or complete waste of time.

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Both the dentists and the cyclists have chosen Painters, and the first thing they notice is how hot it is. Apparently, only four teams can paint, so it’s a first come, first serve kind of deal. The candy scientists and surfers get on their way first, so the wrestlers just decide to go ahead and do the opera challenge. Tim & Te Jay follow as well, which means someone is going to be disappointed. Ultimately, Maya & Amy lose the footrace to the painting challenge, so they’re forced to head over to the opera.

Robbie & Brooke have arrived at the opera, which they note will rely on memory. Brooke says that memorizing is actually a strong suit for Robbie, though for her it’s not easy. They listen to the opera singers and realize that they understand absolutely nothing they’re saying, which causes them some momentary panic. Once they arrive in the costume room, however, they understand that this challenge is exactly in their wheelhouse. All they have to do is remember the costumes in the order they saw them. As wrestlers/performers, costuming is part of their daily lives.

Jim & Misti think they’ve finished their painting first, but they get shut down. The same thing happens to the cyclists.

Back at opera, Maya & Amy have arrived. Brooke & Robbie went back for a second viewing and don’t even need to stay to the end.

Over at the painting challenge, Jim & Misti have corrected their issues and have finished with the task. Kym & Alli aren’t far behind them. They’re directed to the Pitstop at the Villa Niscemi, a beautiful 18th century home. Once again, these two teams will be pushing each other to the finish.


Brooke & Robbie miss on their first effort with the costumes, but they’re all right because Maya & Amy do as well. They decide to work together to finish the task and quickly figure out their mistakes.

The editing teases a race to first place, but it’s pretty obvious what the outcome is going to be here. For the fourth time in seven legs this season, the dentists finish in the top spot. It’s the 300th leg of the race, and as the winners of it Jim & Misti will win a trip to beautiful Ocho Rios, Jamaica. He’s barely finished announcing the prize when the cyclists arrive. Jim makes sure to gloat about it in front of them.

Maya & Amy and Brooke & Robbie both get through the opera challenge, though Brooke & Robbie are freaking out because they allow the scientists to go ahead of them. They’re worried about a race to the end.

The surfers finish their painting, leaving Tim & Te Jay bemoaning the fact that they fought so hard for the fourth spot in this challenge. They hustle out and we’re now looking at a four-way sprint to the Pitstop. The wrestlers and the scientists arrive on the mat at the same time, which means we’re left with traffic editing to the end of the episode. Obviously Bethany & Adam arrive next, which means that Tim & Te Jay are the last team to arrive…

But since it’s a Kim & David episode recap, this will be a non-elimination. Tim & Te Jay are told that they will have to complete a Speed Bump on the next leg. They talk about how they’re prepared to explode like TNT, but it’s not too convincing. As much as they love The Amazing Race, they’re not very good at it.

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