Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 8

Wrinkle in the Plan

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 17, 2014

I can't believe I thought Baylor would be loyal to me.

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He gets a clue that seems to indicate there may be an Immunity Idol on Exile Island. Recognizing that the clue seems to give him a limited amount of time to search before high tide comes in, he quickly hunts. Just as time seems to be running out, he spots a rock that looks out of place. Lo and behold, there is in fact an idol. Jon says this is a game-changer, and he’s probably right. It doesn’t matter for the short-term, but with Jon and Keith both carrying idols, someone like Jeremy is probably going to get blindsided in a coming vote.

Other than idol searching, Exile Island is pretty dull, so we head back to the stupidly named Huyopa. Wes says that the reward was totally not worth it, because it made him gassy. Along with Alec and Keith, he talks about the sort of scatological subject matter you’d normally see in a Farrelly Brothers movie. It’s totally a case of guys being guys, and as Jeremy says, that’s fine for the firehouse (or maybe a fraternity house). However, it’s completely inappropriate in the presence of women, particularly ones that you have been antagonizing. You can see the disgust written all over the faces of Jaclyn, Missy and Baylor.

Alec continues picking at Baylor, telling her to take some trash away to dump it. She scoffs at him and says she feels like a slave, and Missy tells her he’s a jerk and to just forget about it. Then, she’s lying around and Keith asks her to help out with some wood, which she bitches about as well. Look, these guys are not being subtle in pointing out her laziness, but she could counterbalance that by, you know, not being lazy. Once again the camera cuts to a very uncomfortable looking Jaclyn.

Of course, Missy defends her daughter to the death, saying that they’re the most chauvinistic group of men she’s ever seen. Alec yells at the girls to keep the fire going, and when they say, “Yeah, okay,” he scoffs that Natalie might, but he doesn’t know about the others.


We go back to Jaclyn once again, who notes that these guys really ought to be nicer to her. She and Jon are the swing votes, after all, and who are they to presume that the power couple is automatically aligned with them. And she makes a very important statement here that Jon will vote whichever way she wants him to.

“Jon can vote with them, but I’m not. No way,” Jaclyn says.

Someone in the Josh alliance may be in trouble tonight.

Keith and Alec talk about the upcoming vote, and Alec is confident that Jon is on their side. For his part, Keith is not quite so sure. He asks if perhaps they shouldn’t be making sure Jaclyn is onboard with their alliance as well, but Alec just shrugs him off. Keith is really perceptive about the things that are happening around him in the game, but because he’s automatically tied to his son (and his friends), he’s handicapped. This is a case where Keith would truly be better off if he could be playing an individual game. That’s part of the beauty of Blood vs. Water.

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