Survivor San Juan Del Sur Recap
Episode 8

Wrinkle in the Plan

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 17, 2014

I can't believe I thought Baylor would be loyal to me.

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At the taco bar, everyone realizes that it’s not really possible to talk strategy. Wes, Keith and Reed are part of one alliance, while Jeremy and Natalie are part of the other. They kind of acknowledge this from the get-go, noting how weird it is to just be eating but not really talking about game strategy. Keith does mention that he had planned to vote for Julie, which Jeremy knows is B.S. He has no respect for the Louisiana fireman’s game.

That little bit of game discussion dispatched, it’s now time for Keith to warn his son Wes not to scarf down his food so quickly. Wes doesn’t listen, though, which means that his body is about to be a symphony.

A funny comment from Keith about Wes comes when he says, “Wes is a good kid. He ain’t been in jail yet, you know, but he does make some mistakes.”

Yes, Wes has #tacooverload as the hashtag tells us, and he’s pretty much the most disgusting thing going at the moment. Too many tacos plus a margarita or two are hell on a digestive system that’s been consuming mostly rice over the past several days.


Meanwhile, back at camp, Josh is trying to make lemonade from lemons. He figures the people he’s currently stuck with are the ones that he needs to talk to in order to make some arrangements for game strategy. He starts with Baylor, who had been his ally back in the olden days when they started out together. Josh mentions that he saved her a time or two, so he respectfully asks if she and her alliance might consider skipping over him and Reed during the next vote.

Baylor thinks it’s not very Christian of him to ask for a gift in exchange for the one he gave her and believes he’s trying to blackmail her. We realize that she’s only 20, but she’s a particularly selfish and entitled person. Josh is the reason she is still in the game. But Survivors have short memories, and Baylor is no exception.

To his credit, Josh reads her pretty well. He instantly realizes that Baylor listens to no one but her mother, and he’s not going to be able to work with her moving forward. Since his attempt to solidify his alliance failed, he moves on to Jaclyn. He figures that an alliance of the various “couples” in the game makes sense because the singles still left will want to break them up (excluding Missy & Baylor, of course). Jaclyn assures him that she and Jon don’t want to vote for him. Josh hopes that Jaclyn & Jon hold true to their word, but realizes that no one in this game is ever completely trustworthy.

We take a quick jaunt over to Exile Island, which has creepy, scary music and sound effects to accentuate its awfulness. Jon says that being alone sucks, and he misses Jaclyn. He does say that this gives Jaclyn a chance to build up relationships with people in his absence so that she won’t be seen as a tagalong. Funny. We thought that Jon was the hanger on out of the two.

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