Monday Morning Quarterback Part III

By BOP Staff

August 8, 2014

Honesty for Lebatard!

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Kim Hollis: Which Guardians of the Galaxy cast member gets the biggest career bump?

Matthew Huntley: Even though it's the obvious choice, I think the biggest benefactor of Guardians' success will be Chris Pratt, not least because he's the only one in the movie without makeup and therefore he'd be the most recognizable in other movies, which therefore translates to bigger box-office appeal/a higher salary, etc. I think this is a good thing, though, as Pratt is quite likable and talented.

Edwin Davies: Chris Pratt definitely for the reasons Matthew said. Not only was he the lead and the character that acted as the audience's gateway into this odd world, he was also the only main actor whose face appeared on screen completely free of makeup or without being filtered through a CGI creation. Pratt's built a sizable fan base through his work on Parks & Recreation and has established his dramatic chops with supporting roles in Moneyball and Zero Dark Thirty, but for many audiences this will be their first exposure to his particular brand of confident goofiness. (Unless you count The LEGO Movie, but obviously he wasn't the visible star of the film.) This raises his profile considerably and bodes very well for next year's Jurassic World.

Bruce Hall: Chris Pratt. This may have ostensibly been an ensemble piece, but in reality it was Pratt's vehicle and he nailed it. Prepare to see him in a lot more stuff.


Jay Barney: Zoe Saldana. If she wasn't an A-lister before, she is now thanks to her involvement in projects like Avatar, Star Trek, and now this. Yes, some of her smaller roles have been nearly forgotten, but the successes can't be ignored. Her appeal is broadening.

Pete Kilmer: No question it's Chris Pratt; this was all on his shoulders. If we didn't like him, the movie would fall apart. And with Jurassic Park 4 on the way, he's going to be the next Harrison Ford with that one-two punch.

Zoe Saldana has cemented her A-list status for science-fiction/Aation films as well. I would have liked to have seen more of her character wise in this, but as always she nailed it.

Dave Bautista really surprised me. I mean it. He *nailed* it. I'm a huge WWE fan and I've always loved to hate and boo him because he's a great bad guy in that world. In this movie, he had a few scenes that shows he's capable of more than that and wasn't there just there to recite a line with no feeling. I really hope he gets into some projects where he can develop more as an actor, I'm interested in what he can do

Max Braden: I agree with those who have picked Chris Pratt. And I really didn't want to root for him, but by the end I was convinced that he absolutely deserved to be the star of this movie (and I actually think the movie let him down). Pratt may have just vaulted over where Ryan Reynolds has been trying to be during his much longer career.

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