Weekend Wrap-Up

Age of Extinction Obliterates the Competition

By David Mumpower

June 29, 2014

Maybe if I hide right here I can avoid the massive destruction of Michael Bay's lack of subtlety!

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The distant second place film at the box office this weekend is 22 Jump Street. The Jonah Hill/Channing Tatum buddy cop sequel claimed another $15.4 million this weekend, down 44% from $27.5 million last time. The fact that a sub-$20 million performer finishes in second exemplifies how weak the rest of the top ten is right now, especially in comparison to Transformers. 22 Jump Street is still a huge hit, though. It has a running total of $139.8 million after 17 days. It has already beaten the final domestic take of 21 Jump Street, $138.4 million.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 continued its puzzling run with a third place finish this weekend. The animated sequel earned $13.1 million, bringing its 17-day take to $121.8 million. It has now fallen well behind the pace of the original movie, which had tallied $133.4 million after its third weekend in theaters. The latest adventure of Toothless and Hiccup fell 47%, a slight improvement from 50% last frame. The good news for the production is that the $145 million production has already grossed $80 million worldwide. Why it is not doing better in North America remains a mystery.

The last two spots in the top five were claimed by last weekend’s number one film, Think Like a Man Too, and the leggiest summer release to date, Maleficent. Kevin Hart’s second blockbuster of 2014 grabbed $10.4 million, down 64% from last week. Obviously, this comedy is dying quickly at the box office but since it has already earned $48.2 million against a $24 million budget, it is a triumph. The same is true of Maleficent, which dropped only 36% while pulling in $8.2 million. It has now grabbed $201.9 million domestically and $384 million overseas. In the process, Maleficent became the fifth 2014 release to earn at least $200 million, as well as the third release this summer after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days of Distant Future Past.

Last weekend’s other new release, Jersey Boys, finished in sixth place this weekend. An $7.6 million take represents a fall of 43% from its debut. With a running total of $27.3 million, this musical is not a total bust for a $40 million film. It’s going to wind up a box office draw at best, though.


Seventh and eighth place this weekend were held by a pair of titles that have been battling since day one. The Fault in Our Stars has already won the fight after a first day knockout, but Edge of Tomorrow continues to battle it for supremacy. Amusingly, Edge of Tomorrow has won for the third straight weekend, earning $5.2 million against $4.8 million for The Fault in Our Stars. Of course, a massive gap still exists between them in terms of domestic revenue. The tearjerker has now earned $109.5 million while the Tom Cruise flick stands at $8.4.2 million. Internationally, the picture is reversed as The Edge of Tomorrow has managed $218 million overseas. The John Green adaptation has actually done quite well abroad with $65 million, but it’s still a significant gap.

Rounding out the top ten are a comic book adaptation and the latest film from a director who made his career via comic book adaptations. X-Men: Days of Future Past clings to its top ten placement with another $3.3 million, bringing its running total to $223.4 million domestically along with $478 million overseas. Meanwhile, Iron Man and Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau’s low scale cooking project, Chef, continues to stake a spot at the bottom of the charts. This weekend, it garnered another $1.7 million, giving it a running total of $19.4 million as it falls a tiny 3%. Chef has finished in either ninth or tenth place for six consecutive weekends now, an oddly impressive streak.

The top 12 this week earned combined revenue of $171.5 million. Despite Age of Extinction's nine-figure debut, box office is still down 6.3% compared to the same weekend last year. While no film grossed more than $45.6 million during that weekend, there were five titles that earned at least $20 million, so quantity beats quality... and yes, I feel a little dirty describing Transformers 4 as "quality."

Top Weekend Box Office for 6/27/14-6/29/14 (Estimates)
Rank Film Distributor Estimated Gross Weekly Change Running Total
1 Transformers: Age of Extinction PARAMOUNT $100,000,000 New $100,000,000
2 22 Jump Street Sony $15,400,000 - 44% $139,837,000
3 How To Train Your Dragon 2 Fox $13,100,000 - 47% $121,814,500
4 Think Like a Man Too Sony $10,400,000 - 64% $48,168,000
5 Maleficent Disney $8,237,000 - 36% $201,871,000
6 Jersey Boys WARNER BROS. $7,610,000 - 43% $27,342,000
7 Edge of Tomorrow WARNER BROS. $5,210,000 - 47% $84,155,000
8 The Fault In Our Stars Fox $4,800,000 - 44% $109,545,000
9 X-Men: Days of Future Past Fox $3,300,000 - 46% $223,393,500
10 Chef Open Road Films $1,654,000 - 3% $19,410,000
11 Godzilla WARNER BROS. $1,000,000 - 47% $197,085,000
12 Neighbors Universal $739,500 - 46% $147,194,885
  Also Opening/Notables
  America Lionsgate $39,000 New $39,000
  Snowpiercer Radius/twc $162,127 New $162,127
  Begin Again Weinstein Co. $148,325 New $148,325
  Yves Saint Laurent Weinstein Co. $24,502 New $24,502
  The Internet's Own Boy Filmbuff/participant Media $24,301 New $24,301
  Siddharth Zeitgeist $4,500 New $4,500
  Third Person Sony Classics $80,654 + 108% $136,384
  Coherence Oscilloscope $13,500 - 21% $34,729
  A Summer's Tale Big World Pictures $10,950 - 15% $32,915
  Le Chef Cohen Media $34,750 + 208% $310,039
  The Last Sentence Music Box Films $10,000 + 11% $24,177
  The Signal Magnolia Pictures $67,000 - 55% $553,288
  The Rover A24 $100,596 - 79% $979,903
  Obvious Child A24 $555,595 + 127% $1,285,225
  A Million Ways To Die In the West Universal $511,980 - 68% $41,670,935
Box office data supplied by Exhibitor Relations
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