Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 13

It's Do or Die

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Expert

May 21, 2014

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It's all come down to this. What started as 39 days and 18 Americans is now down to 4 Castaways, 3 Tribal Councils, 2 Incredible Hours, 1 Survivor! Hello good people and welcome to the Survivor: Cagayan Finale recap! You can tell it's a finale because I said the entire site's name, instead of just BOP! We're talking serious stuff here.

While Jeff is recapping the entire season up to this point, I just want to focus on where we are right now and where we're going over the next 2 hours. First of all, please pay attention; I don't want to have to repeat this recap later in llama, mmkay? With that out of the way, let's get down to it. Last week, Tony made a head-scratcher of a move by voting out his closest ally in the game and one of 2 people who had little chance of getting a vote against him in the finale, Trish. Normally pretty vocal on Twitter, Tony was pretty quiet this week, so there was no insight given on that move. As it stands, we have Tony and Spencer who have a real solid shot at winning this game. We have Woo, who would have to make a pretty killer argument at the end to justify enough votes to win. And we have Kass, who has played a good enough strategic game to all but insure herself a seat at the finale, but a bad enough social game to insure that the only votes she'd get for the money would be from the ultimate bitter juror who isn't bitter at her.

We've learned over the course of this week that we're looking at a Final 2, instead of a Final 3, but it's been pretty obvious that our players have no idea. With that in mind, we can only hope for a Tony/Spencer final 2. That way, the two best players can duke it out and we can see who comes out on top. Anything short of that will make for a slight disappointment. I'm here to tell ya, you should probably get used to disappointment. Tony and Spencer are both too good at this game to let the other make it to the end. I see no way at all that they both make it. In the previews we've seen, I think the most intriguing thing for me is the Woo quote about burning the camp down. Aside from the school children reward, we haven't seen a lot of emotion or fire out of Woo, so I'm curious to see what has him making that comment. The way this season has gone, I feel there's only one thing I can say about tonight's finale with 100% absolute certainty...NOTHING tonight will be 100% certain. OK, Jeff's finished up his monologue, time to get to the show!

We begin after the Trish vote. Spencer is once again, flabbergasted. Tony confesses to voting for Trish. He says he doesn't play with emotion, he plays with strategy. He feels horrible for dumping Trish, but she was loyal and honest and people liked her (they did?), so he couldn't have her sitting with him at the end. They take a couple minutes to celebrate being the final four. Spencer is excited to be in the final 4 but he's very concerned about Tony's second idol. A large discussion starts among everyone about how the vote will go and immunity winning and special idols. Kass admits not necessarily believing that the idol is good at the final four. Tony tells us that he's got to sell this to the tribe so they don't vote for him. He tells us that all this special idol is now is a souvenir. He just hopes that his bluff will work for one more vote.

We come back from break the next morning. The discussion is between Kass and Tony and they're discussing Trish. Kass tells us that she is pretty sure that Trish is not well liked and that Tony made a huge mistake voting her out under the impression that everyone loved her. Tony tells Kass she's got it all wrong and also that his idols are what has made him be so cocky out there. Kass tells us that Tony has had a pretty easy road in this game, because his team was always winning. As they talk, a boat comes into view headed for the beach. It arrives at the beach and the talk turns to picnics and final 4 treatment. And who comes off the boat? Kass' husband. Then Woo's cousin, Spencer's sister and Tony's buddy. I just knew there would be some sort of family visit. Everyone hugs and cries, but there's something extra with Tony. Turns out he was hoping to see his wife, but she didn't want to leave a 4 month old baby at home to come out there. He learns that everyone is OK, but he's still quite bummed she's not there. Woo starts to tell us about how pumped he is for his cousin to be there and for the challenges and for winning the game and getting the money and proposing to his girlfriend after he gets it (with her mom and dad's permission, of course). If Woo was like Joe Surfer Dude all season, it's like Joe Surfer Dude just drank a case of Red Bull.

We check in with Kass and her husband. She's telling him that she is not well liked, especially by the women. She feels that she's played the game like a man and that if a man made all the moves she made, he'd be seen as strategic, but because she's a woman, she's a bitch. I think John Cochran V 1.0 would disagree with that. He made the exact same move in South Pacific and everyone hated him and he was quickly sent out of the game. There may be a double standard on Survivor...but this ain't one of them. We then see Spencer telling his sister that he plans on leaving everything out there in the game and that he desperately needs this immunity win if he wants to continue in the game. As they head to Tribal, we head to break...but wait. Jeff is apparently going to talk to us live! And this break we head into the green room where the cast is watching the final episode all together. Despite when we've seen on Twitter, Jeff insists that everyone really gets along. And then we're off to commercial.


And for the first time within the game it's a Probst sighting! We talk about the family members. Kass likes having someone there that doesn't hate her. Tony is thrilled to have someone with whom he doesn't have to lie to or break a promise to, Spencer's sister tells us a poorly kept secret (Spencer is neurotic) and Woo is feeling energized with his cousin there. As Jeff takes the necklace from Spencer, his sister is the one to say that he'll be getting it right back. Today's challenge has everyone perched atop a really high poll in the water. They have to lower a bucket into the water and then dump it into a tube. Once the tube is full, a key will be in reach, they'll grab the key and jump off the perch and head back to the beach where the key will unlock puzzle pieces (uh oh Tony). Tony and Spencer are fast out of the gate in the challenge. Kass is pretty nervous of the height and is having a real tough go of it. Tony is the first one to get his key, but because he doesn't swim, he won't jump off the perch...he climbs down. Spencer is next to get his key and he leaps into the water. Just like the last challenge, it's Spencer and Tony working on the puzzle. Woo finally catches up while Kass is just a mess out there with her rope all tangled. Tony is making no progress while Spencer seems to be breezing through this thing. This is a 3d puzzle that needs to be completed on both sides, so this is one of the harder puzzles I've seen on this show. Woo is just throwing pieces around hoping that something works, same as Tony. Spencer seems to be a bit hung up. Oh yeah, Kass finally gets her key and heads to the beach. As Spencer and Tony rethink, Woo keeps chugging along and Kass finally gets all her pieces unlocked. I'm not exactly sure how this happened, but within about 30 seconds, it seems, Kass manages to catch up, pass up and finish her puzzle before everyone else. And Kass wins immunity and has a guaranteed spot in the final 3. As we head to break, Spencer laments losing to a, "Brain dead weasel like Kass." He also tells us that he's come too far to go out like this and he plans to play his ass off when they get back to camp.

We come back to camp to play "It's anyone but Spencer". And Kass is just ecstatic that she'll be able to put Spencer out of the game. She wants to sit with 2 brawns at the end and that's exactly what she plans to do. Right after getting back, Spencer asks Tony if they can have a talk. As they walk to Tree Mail, Spencer clues Tony into the thought that this is going to be a final 2. He mentions that every time there's a final 3, when the challenge is over, Jeff will say something about that person earning the right to plead their case to the jury. But he didn't say it this time. This can only mean a final 2. Spence lays out for Tony that if they get rid of him tonight that either Woo or Kass will dump him at the next Tribal rather than sit with him at the end. Spencer suggests that the best play for both of their games is to get rid of Woo. Tony recognizes that Spence is a super fan, so he takes it all under advisement. Spencer tells us that a forced tie and a fire making challenge are better than a 3-1 vote out and he'll take it.

While they talk, Kass and Woo are left alone at camp. Kass confirms with Woo that they'd be stupid to not take out Spencer. She swears that she doesn't care what Tony says or does, she'll never waiver from that vote. Woo tells us that he has no idea what the tie breaker will be. A rock draw, a fight? Building a fire? I love this kid. He's so delightfully oblivious. As they head to Tribal, Kass tells us that the tie break is definitely a fire making challenge. She hopes it doesn't come to that, but with the necklace, he doesn't really care what they do tonight. And with that, we get to the first Tribal Council of the night.

Jeff starts with Kass and details her amazing comeback in the challenge. She says that hearing her husband cheering her on helped her through it. Tony says that the family visit was bittersweet for him. He was thrilled to see his friend, but he was hoping to see his wife. Jeff asks Spencer about the dejected look on his face after the challenge. He says that his sister was right, he is neurotic and that it's going to kill him to lose this close to his dream. Jeff asks him what case he has to make. He says that he told Tony that he's in a good spot to win and that they may be looking at a final 2 and that unless Tony wins immunity at the final 3, he goes home. He also tells Tony, in front of the jury, that he guarantees he will take Tony to the end and if he doesn't, he'll ask the jury not to vote for him. Tony says that he's scared about going to the end with Spencer, but Spencer thinks Tony wins easily in that scenario (um...I don't think so...but I sure hope we find out.) Jeff goes to Woo and asks what his story is. He doesn't seem to have made any moves, but he also hasn't offended anyone. He says that he's been an instrumental part in these moves, but since he's not so outspoken, he kind of blends in. Kass then mentions Tony's idol and sarcastically suggests she wants to see what the powers are and that Woo is very likable that hasn't burned anyone. If it's a bitter jury, Woo will win. If not, she and Tony have a shot. Jeff asks Tony about the possibility of another Tribal and whether or not he feels like he'd be a target there. Spencer chimes in, "Yes." Tony says, "I don't know. Kass, do you think you could beat me over Woo?" Kass says, "I have a better chance against Woo, I think. Not Tony." "Oh schnap", is Tony's reply. The light bulb just went on that what Spencer has said is absolutely true. Spencer reinforces that if they get rid of him tonight, Tony will HAVE to win immunity to stay in the game.

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