Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 13

It's Do or Die

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Expert

May 21, 2014

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Morgan - She starts with Tony. She says that as a person who was on the beauty tribe, she knows how to keep men in her back pocket following her around. She wants to know how Tony did it without even having breasts. Tony says that he was genuine with people. He gave them his last drink of water if they were thirsty, the last shell of rice if they were hungry. He was genuine with people like Woo, even if the majority of his game was spent doing whatever he had to do to get himself farther in the game. Morgan then tells Woo that she very much respected him for his decision to vote out Kass. She says it takes a lot to keep the person who deserves to be at the end, rather than a goat that would be easy to beat. She tells him she will keep that in mind when voting.

Jeremiah - He wants to know from Tony about the swears he made on his "wife and baby." He says that if Tony has a wife, that swearing on them and breaking that promise, where he's from, is pathetic. SO he asks Tony if he has a wife and baby. Tony says that he absolutely does and he loves them very much. He tries to explain something to Jeremiah, but he doesn't want to hear it. He then gives Woo a chance to prove that he really wants the million dollars. So, Woo tells him that he really, really wants a million dollars. (Writer's note: Jeremiah, you didn't have to ask Woo anything. If all you wanted to do was take a shot at Tony, you can do that. Making up a dumb question just so you can say you addressed both of them just wastes time. Kthx.)

Tasha - She starts with Tony and talks about how he kept a loyal alliance, despite turning on them several times. She wants to know how he was able to do that. He says that he told his alliance why he did what he did every time. He explained how it worked for them and that he only voted out people who came after him first. Except for Trish. He says Trish never broke a promise to him and probably never would have. He broke his promise to her. She asks Woo how he decided to align with Tony. Woo says that at the beginning Tony didn't trust him at all. It wasn't until they were down to the Solana 5 that Tony started to trust him. He said that he was at the bottom and had to adapt to get himself into the alliance. (Writer's note: Not quite sure that's what she was asking. And she looked a bit confused by the answer.)

LJ - This should be the ultimate in bitterness, if his looks on the jury for the last 7 episodes are any indication. He wants to know from Tony, "Who are you?" Tony explains why he voted LJ out. That he was petrified of him because he was a strategic player. That's not exactly the answer LJ was looking for, I don't think. I think he was looking for Tony to differentiate the "Game Tony" from the "real life Tony." But Tony just kind of forced the strategy down his throat and LJ takes a seat. Weird.

Kass - She goes right after Woo. Having power for the first time, she wants to know why he didn't cut the head off the dragon. Woo says that in his field of study, he had to be honorable. He wanted to bring someone to the end that deserved it and he thought that would get him points with the jury. She comes back at him saying that he put someone more deserving than him in the final 2 with him in hopes it would get points from the jury. Woo's response is priceless, "We're all deserving Kass, but between the two of you, I didn't feel that you deserved to sit here next to me. But Tony did."


Trish - She asks Woo whose idea it was to take her out. He says that it was his idea. He says that she's a sweetheart and the jury liked her and that would not be good to sit with in a final 3. She thanks him for the compliment. She goes to Tony next. She says that they were best buddies from day 1. She says that she had a big part in him sitting there. She says that no one trusted him, they all trusted her. She says that she played her entire game putting out fires for Tony. She said that she would never leave him. She said the biggest thing was when he swore on his father's grave to her. She says that she lost 2 brothers and she would never have broken a promise on their memory. Her one question to Tony is whether or not it was worth it for a million dollars. He tries to explain that he didn't have the numbers on her vote, but she cuts him off. She wants him to just answer the question. Friend to friend, human being to human being. Is a million dollars worth his father's soul and memory? Tony, "Yes." And Trish has a seat. (Writer's note: There was no right answer to this question. Trish was crazy emotional. Tony's "yes" answer was really the only way to go with this. Saying "No" makes him a hypocrite and opens her up to more berating. Saying "Yes" ends the discussion. Nothing else to say. Let's move on to...)

Spencer - He starts with Woo. He compares Woo's game to being a dog. He followed Tony around all game long and did whatever Tony said to do anytime Tony said to do it. Then when he has the chance to take one of the biggest goats in the history of Survivor to the end, he stayed true to his master. He wants to know how Woo can change his mind from thinking that. He asks Spencer, as a student of the game, if he would have respected him for taking a goat to the end. Spencer says that, as a student of the game, he would expect him to take a goat to the end. Woo says that they're just students of a different game. Because he wanted to take someone that deserved to be there to the end. Instead of asking Tony a question, Spencer talks to the jury. He tells them that Tony played his ass off out there. He says that Tony found 3 idols because he looked more than everyone else combined. He was behind every strategic decision. He kept his alliance in the dark for portions of this game. He was the only one that played this game he way it's supposed to be played. So when they take pen to parchment, keep that in mind. (Writer's note: I said from the get go that Tony was playing too hard and too fast. He couldn't keep it up and he would never make the end. But Spencer's right. Tony won the game as soon as Spencer left the island. You can't, in good conscience, vote for Woo over Tony when you have their games sitting right next to each other.)

And after the break, we'll get to the votes.

It is time to vote. This time, you're voting FOR a winner. This is a million dollar vote. The votes we see tonight are: Spencer voting for Tony. He says that he wrote his name down several times during the game. It was a compliment then and it's a compliment now. We see Tasha voting for Woo, with no explanation. And that's it. What that signals to me is that this is an 8-1 vote. Not sure which way, but I'm pretty sure it's going Tony's way. Jeff's gonna head back to the states now and we'll read the votes.

First vote is Spencer's vote for Tony. Second vote is Tasha's vote for Woo. Third vote: Tony. Fourth vote: Tony. Fifth vote: Tony. The winner of Survivor: Cagayan - Tony. And there you have it folks, an 8-1 vote makes Tony a landslide winner of Survivor 28. It's been a long time since we've seen a payer take control as early in the game as Tony did and actually keep it all the way to the end. Like him or hate him. Think he's brilliant or an idiot. There is no arguing that Tony owned this season. As much as we all loved Spencer, dude's ideas never worked. Everything Tony set out to do, he did. Everything Spencer set out to do was an uphill battle that usually lost and only by the grace of immunity challenges did he last as long as he did. In the grand scheme of things, I think Spencer is an equal player to Tony. But the bottom line, his plans failed while Tony's succeeded. So, congrats to #teamtv, Tony Vlachos!!

I want to thank everyone for following along with the recaps and power rankings this season. I want to thank any and all of the Survivors that took part in banter with me, whether on Twitter or FB (Tony, Tasha, Kass). We'll see you back here in the fall for Survivor 29! Until then, take care.

As always, hit me up with a comment or a follow on the Twitter. @vannestjc Hopefully I'll be back for S29 to do it all again. Maybe for S30, I'll have an island to be on. Hear that, Lynne Spillman??? Thanks guys!

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