The Amazing Race 24: All-Stars - Episode 10

By Daron Aldridge

May 6, 2014

Deja vu all over again.

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Luck be a lady Sunday night…or rather, two Sunday nights ago, when Jennifer & Caroline, the coasting country singers, were once again spared elimination. The saving grace for us viewers is that this will be the last non-elimination (or wheel-spinning) leg of the season. This week, we are in store for the girls’ Speed Bump and another U-Turn, which will supposedly target public enemy number one for the Accidental Alliance – Team Fetch of Brendon & Rachel.

Kicking things off in Switzerland is the fallen from grace (in my eyes) duo of David & Connor, who leave first but only literally minutes before the Afghanimals and the cowboys. Team Murphy’s Law is quick to beat the dead horse of bitterness toward Brendon & Rachel for U-Turning them. At least they seem to be embracing their heel turn, without really knowing who poorly they are coming across. Again, they claim that Team Fetch’s action didn’t make sense; yet, they can’t give a valid reason why it was irrational other than they are mad. Here’s a mirror, David & Connor. Take a look and you will see that you two have been first place hogs this season. Looks like a pretty valid reason to U-Turn you. Take it as a compliment, like Leo & Jamal do.

Anyway, the teams are pointed to catch a plane to Seville, Spain - or as several of them pronounce it – “Saw-ve-ya.” Bonus points to those that paid attention in high school Spanish. In Spain, they must locate the spot between the statue of Hercules and Caesar in La Alameda.

Upon reading the clue about the U-Turn ahead, Leo & Jamal reiterate the plan to punish Brendon & Rachel. The cousins, cowboys and singers are the only ones that can exercise the U-Turn, so things aren’t looking too grand for Team Fetch’s prospects. Jet evokes the spirit of the nation they are in and explains that even though the others want them to U-Turn Brendon & Rachel, he and Cord are really neutral in this whole mess and they intend to stay that way.

With three teams leaving so closely together, all of them will surely get the same flight, right? Wrong. I am shaking my head as I type this because the Brothers Yee-Haw has once again found themselves twisted around. Rand McNally they are clearly are not. As David & Connor and Leo & Jamal have secured seats on a direct flight that is leaving for Seville in 45 minutes, Jet & Cord are backtracking to the Zurich airport.


The lead is confirmed as they board and Jet & Cord get news they can’t make that primo flight. The ‘boys are stuck flying through Barcelona and then will connect to Seville the following morning. But all is not lost for them because Jennifer & Caroline and Brendon & Rachel will be joining them. Well, that sizable gap spells really bad news for Team Fetch because in theory, the Afghanimals will should easily get to the U-Turn before them and exact their foolish revenge plot. The prospect of this, of course, makes the coattail-riding singers gleeful.

Touching down in Seville, Leo & Jamal demonstrate a fluency in Spanish, at least, conversationally, and both teams are heading to the statues. In Seville, night time is the right time for…some playing field leveling. On the ground between the statues, a sign tells them that the clue will arrive at 8:30 a.m. [INSERT sad trombone]. Since we don’t know exactly when the others will be landing, the front runners might still retain a lead.

Dawn breaks and Team Murphy’s Law and the Afghanimals break for the trumpet player blasting his instrument in the square. I really hope that no one lives within earshot of this racket because they would be muy pissed.

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