The Amazing Race 24: All-Stars - Episode 8

By Daron Aldridge

April 21, 2014

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Rome may not have fallen last week but the city burned the chances of John & Jessica of winning the Race as if they were descendants of Nero just asking for payback. The lack of navigation skills and foolish assumption that they weren’t in last led to their downfall.

Now we are faced with only six teams, most of which (shockingly) I would actually be all right with winning. You may be surprised that the outlier in that statement isn’t the Afghanimals or Team Fetch but rather singers Jennifer & Caroline. They have been so needy for the other teams’ help and generally “lucked” their way through seven legs so far and will probably continue to do so.

Before we undoubtedly get to witness more of the ladies’ co-dependent ways, here’s how I ranked the teams heading into the next leg:

  1. Jet & Cord: Cowboys.

  2. David & Connor: Father/Son (Team Murphy's Law).

  3. Leo & Jamal: Afghanimals.

  4. Brendon & Rachel: Big Brother (Team Fetch).

  5. Flight Time & Big Easy: Globetrotters.

  6. Jennifer & Caroline: Country singers.

Don’t get me wrong; Team Fetch and Afghanimals still have the potential to revert to their obnoxious ways but thus far, they’ve been more watchable and even likable at some points.

The teams’ Roman Holiday (or more accurately, mandatory 12-hour rest period) has ended and Brendon & Rachel once again assume their spot on mat. Ripping into their clue, the teams will be driving themselves in an all-new ____ _____ to Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy. As expected, the clue signals that a U-Turn lies ahead.


Team Fetch is already discussing the U-Turn, with the usual suspect being the cowboys. It’s hard to argue with that rationale since the brothers will be using their Express Pass and if they aren’t U-Turned, then they likely will get a sizable lead on the others. That’s about all we get to see or hear about their plans, so it’s seems that Jet & Cord are facing a U-Turn for sure.

Next out are the singers, who have unsurprisingly decided to continue following Team Murphy’s Law. The girls at least offer some actual help by securing printed directions to the destination from a local hotel. Piling into their cars, the father/son duo takes the lead. It doesn’t take long before the navigationally-challenged blonds fall behind and get lost. Immediately, they think that Team Murphy’s Law did it on purpose. But cut to the guys’ car and they are craning their necks trying to see where Jennifer & Caroline went, even going as far as to stop and wait for a bit to see if they catch up.

With confirmation in the clue that the U-Turn awaits, Jet & Cord hit the road and have decided that regardless of the task, they will use it on the Detour. That will allow them to instantly finish one task, so if (and likely “when”) they are detoured, they just have to do one. Sounds like a rational plan to me.

Leo & Jamal aren’t too far behind and also fear the U-Turn. Everyone that is not in first has good reason to be afraid because U-Turns are typically make-or-break for teams. The cousins do point out that they did successfully side-step elimination both times they were U-Turned last season.

Team Fetch arrives first at the clue and it’s the Detour: Donkey Run or Donkey Build. For Run, the teams have to each pick a donkey and ride it around a set-up circle course three times before the band finishes the song they are playing (about two minutes we are told). For Build, they have to construct a wooden donkey with all the pieces shown, including the crate, and then the judge will load it with fire wood to deliver to Geppetto. The catch on this one is that there is no example to follow. Normally I would steer clear of animal-related tasks because of their unpredictable nature, but the lack of instructions or an example would scare me away from Build.

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