Survivor: Cagayan - Power Rankings

Week 6

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 1, 2014

Third place still gets a medal, right?

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Hello, good is that time again! Time for another edition of my Survivor: Cagayan Power Rankings. I was half right last week, by saying that Lindsay was toast. I was also half wrong by saying that if Aparri went to Tribal, which they did, Morgan would be the easy boot. Instead, Morgan proved to be more trustworthy that her Beauty tribe mate, Alexis. In fact, I was so wrong that there was never even a hint that people would vote for Morgan. D'OH! But, that's the beauty of the Power Rankings, every week I get a chance to redeem myself.

1) Spencer - We have a new #1 this week and it's Spencer. I think he had a very solid episode last week and ultimately, I do think his alliance made the right vote here. I think the Aparri tribe is much more solid with Jeremiah than Alexis going into the merge. And right now, I think Spencer is king of the Aparri alliance. Eventually, they may come for him, but I don't think it'll be right away.

2) Tasha - I'm putting a lot of stock in the cohesiveness of the former Brains right here, but I really think they've kind of earned it. They really bonded and I really think Sarah is the only wild card in the Aparri alliance. If they can keep her reeled in, they should have a decent shot to run the table. This is Survivor, so we know that probably won't happen, but if it does, Tasha is right there as a viable million dollar option to Spencer.


3) LJ - I'm still pretty high on LJ right now. He could very much be the first target of the Aparri alliance, but he's a pretty savvy guy and he has an idol. I think potential idol concern might keep a vote from heading his way. Also, I could see him working something out with Jeremiah and Morgan to keep him and Jefra in the game. Also, there are some really unlikable people on his tribe and that can sometimes go a long way to deciding to keep someone.

4) Jefra - If I'm sticking with LJ, I guess I have to stick with his girl. Again, Jefra has done nothing to distinguish herself as a player on this season, which means she'll be way down on the list of people to get rid of as this game turns individual. The closer we get to the end, the more she seems like the perfect coattail rider to be your #3 at the end of the game. This ranking is based more off a game, than he actual game itself.

5) Morgan - My pick to go home from the Aparri tribe moves up my rankings considerably this week. She is locked in with the alliance on Aparri now and I think she'll be a very valuable part of that alliance. So far, she seems to have a very good read on the people in this game and the Brains seem willing to listen. I foresee Jeremiah being the huge Aparri target this week anyway, which will give Morgan even more time to work. Especially if she can get people to look her in the eyes.

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