Survivor: Cagayan - Power Rankings

Week 5

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 25, 2014

He's smiling because he knows he has already locked up the Fan Favorite money.

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11) Morgan - I feel pretty confident that if Aparri goes to Tribal this week, Morgan's toast. She has tried to align with the Brains, but I don't think she did near as nice of a job as Alexis did. Jeremiah is needed strength as is Sarah. Morgan is the one that would seem to be the most expendable, should this tribe lose. I think Morgan has game and can definitely figure something out, but she'll need another Aparri win to work that out, I think. If they stay out of Tribal this week, Morgan could move up in next week's rankings.

12) Woo - The smart play for the new Solana alliance would be to oust Cliff's right hand man, Woo. He's crazy likable and he's very athletic and could be a threat to win every individual immunity challenge out there. If the new alliance is thinking clearly, this is an easy choice. However, they united in an attempt to get rid of one person and they succeeded. Will they be able to stay united? Or will Trish's hatred of Lindsay possibly divide this new alliance? At this point, the new alliance has the next two votes lined up, so they might just give Trish what she wants...which buys Woo three more days.


13) Lindsay - Everything about the previews suggests Lindsay is toast. She and Trish have a major battle back at camp and we see a quick shot of Probst in camp, at night, talking to Lindsay. This is never a good development. He only shows up for injuries, but she doesn't look hurt. We could be looking at a quit here? If not, the Lindsay/Trish situation might just be too volatile for the tribe to keep. It's for this reason that I think Lindsay is the boot this way or another.

At this point, there are 13 people left in this game and the merge usually comes into play around 10. That means these tribes have 3 votes to remove their weakest links or biggest competition before the game gets individual. I fully expect LJ and the Brain alliance to start setting up their pieces for the merge. That setup begins this week. Be sure to come back for the recap of this week's episode right here at Box Office Prophets. Wanna take me to task for something, feel free to follow me on Twitter: @vannestjc. Until the recap, take care!

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