Survivor: Cagayan - Power Rankings

Week 5

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 25, 2014

He's smiling because he knows he has already locked up the Fan Favorite money.

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5) Spencer - I'll put Spencer here because I think he's the smartest guy left in the game and he's been a solid challenge competitor. I don't have him higher because he's the smartest guy left in the game and he's been a solid challenge competitor. The same things that rank him this high could be the reason someone else will want to dump him. He could potentially grab the factionless in Aparri (Morgan, Jeremiah and Sarah) and really flip the game on its head. Or he could stand pat for a few votes and hope things shake out for him.

6) Trish - Even though I think Trish is headed for a crash and burn here soon, she is in the majority alliance on a tribe that should win some challenges. The move she made last week almost guarantees her the merge...unless Lindsay kills her this week and buries the body. I don't think Trish has any kind of long term game, unless she becomes the goat to carry to the final three. While people were willing to carry Philip even though he annoyed them, I don't see the same thing happening for Trish. So I think she'll outlast Woo and Lindsay at this point, but I think she's be the first in the alliance to go.

7) Alexis - Of the people coming to the Brains for an alliance, I think Alexis is in the best shape. She comes across as someone trying to play the game, which we know Tasha appreciates. And unlike Morgan, her argument centers more on how they can work together than on how bad the other people are. She presented a good case to the Brains and I could definitely see them making her their fourth member. And if she makes the merge with LJ and Jefra, the Beauty tribe could reunite and take it to the end.


8) Kass - I'll put Kass here at #8 because I think she's in a good spot for the next few votes, but I really don't think she has a chance to win this game. She's too rough around the edges. What she considers being a straight shooter comes off as bitchy to other people. Also, she's a liability in challenges and a couple bad performances could have her on the outside looking in. Ultimately, a lot of things would have to go perfectly for Kass to find herself at the final tribal arguing for a million dollars.

9) Jeremiah - The reason he's not closer to the bottom is that the Aparri tribe needs dudes. LJ, Woo and Tony are formidable in challenges right now and Spencer will not want to take them all on himself. I could see him lobbying to keep Jeremiah for team strength in challenges. And let's face it, Morgan is an easy target and Sarah has no one else. This tribe could do Tribal twice before having to make the tough decision.

10) Sarah - All that said, Sarah is a tough chick. She's also no dummy. Being on an island out there could give her a real solid argument to make to either the three Beauty members (or more likely) the three Brains on why she would be a good fourth. She has no one to flip to. The Beauties could conceivably stick with each other and turn it on the Brains. Sarah is alone, which makes her an ideal fourth. We just didn't really see her make that argument last week, so she may have missed her chance.

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