The Amazing Race 24: All-Stars - Episode 4

By Daron Aldridge

March 17, 2014

Can you mix these drinks? Yes? Then you are too qualified for The Amazing Race.

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Taking the sting out of having to return from vacation is the fact that I accurately pegged YouTube’s Joey & Meghan as being the next team gone on the Amazing Race. Their Race was "Amazing" in name only. It’s so rare that I am that spot-on that leaving Disney World doesn’t sting quite as much.

As has become customary, I must thank Kim and David with filling the recapping void left by me. Congrats on their new streak of recapping elimination legs. Now that the seasonal occurrence of a good recap from them is over, you are stuck with my ramblings.

Before we delve into another manic and fast-paced leg, here’s a look at rankings per Kim Hollis this week:

  1. David & Connor: Father/Son (aka Team Murphy's Law).

  2. Jet & Cord: Cowboys/The Lone Rangers.

  3. Leo & Jamal: Afghanimals.

  4. Flight Time & Big Easy: Globetrotters.

  5. Margie & Luke: Mom/ Son.

  6. Brendon & Rachel: Big Brother (aka Team Fetch).

  7. John & Jessica: Newly engaged couple.

  8. Jennifer & Caroline: Country singers.

Based upon what transpired last week, I agree 100 percent with her assessment and her prediction that this will be one of our non-elimination legs. Inarguably, this season is really a two-horse race between the cowboys and Team Murphy’s Law. Thankfully for Daddy Dave, the horse race analogy is not literal, because he’d be one leg injury away from a trip to the glue factory.


It’s time to check in at the starting line in Borneo.

Just after 9 a.m., David & Connor rip into the clue and are pointed to the Prince Phillip Park for their next destination. A challenge right off the bat is usually an indicator that they will be staying in-country this leg. Only a couple minutes behind them and hot on their Achilles’ heel (which has fortunately gone un-ruptured this season) are the Lone Rangers Jet & Cord. Here’s hoping the downtime was enough for Cord’s Wranglers to fully dry from the river or else they could rename the show The A-Chafing Race.

Both teams are park-bound via taxi as Leo & Jamal follow behind in third. Since the time difference between these three teams off the mat is truly inconsequential, it’s not a surprise that the cowboys get to the location first to be faced with this leg’s Roadblock. One of them has to use a bamboo springboard to jump up and grab a flag hanging from the ceiling of a hut. There appears to be some rhythm and coordination necessary for the jumping as they have to bounce three short times and then leap (all the while assisted by about half a dozen locals). Lest you think this is an unfair task for the height gifted (like Big Easy) or the height challenged (everyone else), they point out that the flag is placed based upon height.

He of the Soaked Trousers, Cord, steps up and kicks off his boots for the brothers. Oops. A bamboo trampoline is not nearly as springy as the ones in American backyards. Cord fails a couple of times before Team Murphy’s Law arrives. Not surprisingly, Connor elects to do the Roadblock, which basically shows that they aren’t willing to tempt fate and another debilitating leg injury on dad. Learning from their mistakes is another reason why this father/son ranks so highly in our eyes. They just may be the first parent/child team to EVER win the Amazing Race.

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