Survivor: Cagayan - Power Rankings

Week 4

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 17, 2014

Survivor: Wall Street (vote out Gordon Gecko asap!)

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11) Morgan (Beauty) - Not sure what to do with Morgan. She's the next to go from the Beauty tribe, but the Beauty tribe will be no more. Her new tribemates will dictate her longevity in this game. So far, I've been impressed with her game play. Her lone mistake was hitching her wagon to Brice. I think she has some potential here, but the shakeup will decide her fate. She could be pulled into a new alliance, or seen as an easy vote at the next tribal.

12) Trish (Brawn) - We still haven't seen much of Trish, but I think she's kind of on the outs of her own tribe and it doesn't seem like she fits in well with a group. I think she'll be one of the outsiders on whatever new tribe she ends up on. I don't think she's next to go, but I also don't think it's because of anything she has done or will do. I just think others will jump ahead of her on the "to be booted" list and she may last a couple votes because of it.

13a) Tony (Brawn) - Not that I'm confident he'll play it right, but I think the only thing that will save Tony from the next vote is his hidden idol (if his new tribe loses, of course). Tony is playing too fast and too hard. When you create a nice, solid alliance and your method of christening said alliance is by lying to your're not in this game for the long haul. No matter how the chips fall here, I see no way Tony or Kass make the merge.


13b) Kass (Brains) – I’m not sure how to rank the last two, so I'm basically ranking them as tied. I'm listing Kass as 13b only because of Tony's idol. Kass has proven that she's not much use in camp or in challenges. She balances that out by not being a lot of fun to hang out with or talk to. Any new tribe is going to look through its ranks and see Kass as the easiest first boot of their newly formed tribe. They can dump her and lose nothing from their tribe except some potential fireworks that no tribe needs.

This will probably be the hardest week to rank the players due to the tribal switch coming up. I mean, in theory, we could see a tribe with all three Brains, two Beauty and two Brawn and all of a sudden, the Brains have the numbers. That's the fun of the tribe swap for the viewers. It's not a lot of fun for the guy who has to predict things. For better or for worse, these are the Week Four rankings. Love 'em? Hate 'em? Just want to tell me how bad I suck at this? Follow me and hit me up at: @vannestjc on Twitter! Until next time, take care!

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