Survivor: Cagayan - Power Rankings

Week 4

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 17, 2014

Survivor: Wall Street (vote out Gordon Gecko asap!)

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5) Alexis (Beauty) - Sticking with my thought that there is a main power alliance and a secondary alliance waiting to take over, Alexis moves up to the #5 spot on the list. She's in tight with LJ and Jefra and she has no question marks about her (yet, anyway) like Jeremiah. She's trying way too hard to play the flirt card and I don't think that works in Survivor anymore, so I don't know what the long term holds for her. But, being in the power alliance is enough for me to bump her up to #5 on my list for this week.

6) Lindsay (Brawn) - Lindsay also gets a bump this week as the likely #3 member of the Woo-Cliff bromance. She seems to be pretty badass in challenges and gets along with everyone, including Cops R Us. So, should everything go wrong for Cliff, Lindsay is the one that could potentially come out unscathed on the other side. So for this week, Lindsay moves up to #6 in the rankings.

7) Spencer (Brains) - this may come as a shocking ranking for one of the Brains, but I think it's very justified. In secret scenes, many of the players feel sorry for the Brains tribe and their ineptitude. After last week's challenge, I think Spencer may have turned some heads. Despite being on the worst tribe in the history of Survivor, he almost kept the Brains out of Tribal by himself. He was stellar in that challenge and I think the others may have seen someone who could be a solid ally and who might be a man without a home after this switch.

8) Sarah (Brawn) - The biggest drop of the week goes to Sarah. She was my #1 rated player, but watching her buy Tony's nonsense hook line and sinker forced me to rethink my opinion of her. You can't hear a story from one person and use that story to decide to throw a challenge as revenge for a perceived slight (real or imaginary). I thought Sarah had a lot of potential, and maybe she does, but to move back up the rankings, she's going to have to show me something now, because she did not have a good week last week. The only reason she's this high is because the Brains wouldn't allow her to throw that challenge.


9) Jeremiah (Beauty) - I'll go ahead and put Jeremiah here. He's still part of the power alliance in the game right now, though after the switch, he could easily find himself on the outs. He's the least game-savvy of his group as he completely botched the game prior to the Brice vote. Trying to half-ass play both sides has him in a bit of hot water with his alliance and once tribes switch, he could be one of the folks most negatively impacted by that switch.

10) Tasha (Brains) - Tasha stays in pretty much the same place this week as I'm not totally sure what to do with the Brains. Plus, I'm not sure what kind of game she has. She got rid of Garrett to keep the rice dumper as part of some sort of strategic alliance play, only to flip on that idea and eliminate J'Tia to keep Spencer. THAT was the right move. Voting out Garrett was not. So, while she seems to be in charge of the Brains threesome, I can't decide if that's a good thing for her or them.

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