The Amazing Race 24: All-Stars - Episode 2 Rankings

The Amazing Race 24: All-Stars - Episode 2 Rankings

By Daron Aldridge

March 2, 2014

They hope all the other teams are the Washington Generals.

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Last week's premiere gave us a lot of drama and a fast paced leg but surprisingly, the new rankings don't deviate too much from my initial ones last week.

That's not necessarily because I was spot-on with my predictions (because we all know that's never the case) but rather several of the teams got little screen time. Therefore, they didn't have an opportunity to show us anything new they are bringing to the Race.

The first episode was dominated by two main events: The non-start of Bopper/bringing in a substitute Kentuckian and the beautifully epic meltdown of the twins. Both of which were welcomed by me. Not because I didn't like Bopper but I appreciated the fact that the issue was detected early enough that Mark got to continue on the Race. Plus, WOOHOO!!!! Natalie & Nadiya are gone. Second to Brendon & Rachel (aka Team Fetch), the twins were at the top of my dislike list.

With that being said, here are my new rankings that are still based significantly by the teams' previous outings (and may look pretty similar to last week's with a couple of exceptions).


  1. Flight Time & Big Easy: Globetrotters
  2. . The big men on the Race are still my favorites to win it all. Last week, they ended up in the middle of the pack by virtue of the fact that they were on the second flight. They were mistake-free, I assume, since they didn't get much camera time at all. These guys will be a force to be reckoned with on the Race just like they are every season.

  3. David & Connor: Father/Son. God bless Team Murphy's Law. They have already started out this season with the gusto and results like the last time. They secured a seat on the first flight and didn't show any signs of struggle with the tasks or residual injury pain. Let's just hope the only thing they replicate from last time is the top-finishing legs.

  4. Jet & Cord: Cowboys. Here's my biggest shift in the rankings. I didn't put as much faith in these boys as I should've. They were going to be competitive but I naively held it against them that they only finished fourth in their first Race redo down from second on their inaugural run. These self-described Lone Rangers have once again shown us that they can Race well and independent of any other teams. Plus you put that newly acquired Express Pass in their pocket and they should make it into the top three. Now the guys just have to make sure to wisely give the second pass to a team that won't be a factor even with an advantage. I'm thinking YouTube, the singers or Margie & Luke.

  5. Brendon & Rachel: Big Brother cast members (aka Team Fetch). Now we reach the section of the rankings I like to call "Really?!? Them again!" First I have to add that none of the next few teams did anything on the premiere to irk me much but I still am not thrilled they are back. First, I have to admit that Team Fetch actually ran a pretty commendable leg last week. They recovered from an hour delay from being on the second and leapfrogged past everyone else for second place finish. So why are they so lowly ranked? Personal feelings aside (or as much as they can be) the newlywed a always seem on the cusp of implosion and tears. Not the recipe for success here since season three's Zach & Flo.

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