Survivor: Cagayan Preview

Brains, Beauty and Brawn

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

February 25, 2014

Pick the ex-NBA player and win a prize. Hint: he's the tall one.

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My concern for the Beauty tribe is that there will be a country club mentality. I worry that Alexis, Morgan and Brice will be more concerned with having an adventure and a good time then they are about building shelter, collecting wood and making fire. I have a feeling this tribe will stay out of Tribal for a while on the back of LJ and Jeremiah. I worry that this could make someone like Brice antsy to start playing the game and that can be a bad thing. I see Jeremiah, Brice and Jefra as the long term threats in this game. I think LJ is a wild card here and despite the beauty, I don't see Alexis and Morgan as making the merge.


Trish Hegarty (48, Needham, MA) - At 48-years-old, Pilates instructor Trish is the oldest person in the cast this season. That being said, I bet her age doesn't come in to play one bit. I like Trish. She's a longtime fan of the show and has submitted many tapes and I like to see someone like that finally get their shot. To hear her tell it, she's one tough chick. While she compares herself to Danni Boatwright, she reminded me a little of Denise Stapley. They're both winners, so either one is good. She just strikes me more like the spark plug that Denise was in challenges and the game. In a regular season, I would think Trish could make the end based on toughness and experience. She'd be the toughest woman on the team and that would make her a huge asset. But, this is the Brawn tribe. I worry for her that despite being stronger than any girl on one of the other tribes, she might be toward the bottom of her own. I definitely expect Brawn to want to keep their tribe as physically strong as possible. That could be bad if Trish can't hold her own in challenges. I think she has the social game for this and she seems pretty smart and she knows the game. If she can make it past the first couple Tribals, I think she can go very far in this game.

"Woo" Hwang (29, Newport Beach, CA) - I like martial arts instructor Woo. He seems very strong and his martial arts training will likely help in in many of the challenges - balance, obstacle course, etc. The one worry I have for him is that he might want to play the game with integrity and loyalty. Those are two of the best traits a person can have out in the world. The problem is, he's not out in the world. He's on Survivor, where the rules have all changed. I fear he'll put his trust in the wrong place and be one of the first blindsides. All that aside, if he's able to get some footing, he could also do quite well. To do what he does, he obviously studies, so he's not stupid. He's in wicked good shape, so he should be a beast in challenges. The only concern here is the social game. He claims he'll be great at it. I guess we'll see.


Sarah Lacina (29, Cedar Rapids, IA) - I like Sarah's chances at this game. She's pretty much a badass. First off, she's a cop. Second off, one of her hobbies is MMA. She is definitely a Brawn. She has a hard working attitude, so she should be useful around camp. She compares herself to Malcolm, of all people, saying that they're both nice but strategic and tasteful. If she's as much fun to be around as Malcolm, she'll most definitely go far. As long as the guys on the tribe don't "bro down,” I think Sarah will easily make the merge and have a good shot at going all the way to the end.

Lindsey Ogle (29, Kokomo, IN) - I don't know about Lindsay. She comes across as a pretty tough girl, but I feel like we've seen her before and that her type (the chick with the crazy dreads and tattoos) hasn't fared well. She says all the right things in her bio, but she seems much more impulsive and potentially self-destructive out there. I worry that she won't be able to hold her tongue and when someone says or does something stupid, she just might call them on it. The Brawn strikes me as the tribe most likely to have huge blowouts and Lindsey might just end up in the middle of that. Because of this potential, I have to rate her as a pre-merge boot.

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