Survivor: Cagayan Preview

Brains, Beauty and Brawn

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

February 25, 2014

Pick the ex-NBA player and win a prize. Hint: he's the tall one.

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"Tasha" Fox (37, St. Louis, MO) - I'll most definitely be rooting for my home town girl, Tasha. Another tribal cross over, Tasha is an accountant now, but did log some time as a St. Louis Rams cheerleader, so she has the beauty thing going on as well. She is a spiritual person, which has been somewhat of a liability in Survivor seasons past, but only if you're obnoxious about it. She doesn't strike me as that type, so I don't expect it to be a factor. Her bio doesn't give a whole lot of info on why she's on the Brains tribe, though she does describe herself as a "jack of all trades.” She describes herself as a "Sandra" type, someone who will do whatever it takes to win. She expects to backstab and lie if she has to. As much as I want the local girl to win, nothing I'm seeing in her bio or video stands out to me as "Survivor Winner" material. Despite what she thinks, she may turn out to be an under the radar type as there are definitely bigger personalities on her tribe. And as they duke it out, she may just fly along as a "vote for hire" so to speak. I'm not sure I see her making the merge, but if she does, she may be the type to make it to the end and be seen as a coat-tail rider.

"Kass" McQuillen (41, Tehachapi, CA) - A self-proclaimed "undefeated attorney", Kass doesn't seem like she'll be making any friends in the game (or with viewers, for that matter). Also, she doesn't seem to care. Describing herself as more cunning and ruthless than 95% of the population, Kass already seems to be on borrowed time. She does have the "mom" look going for her, and if she can play up her look more than her personality, maybe she'll fly under the radar. But hearing her describe herself, I don't think that's happening. One saving grace is that she is on a tribe with Spencer and four other people who think they're smarter than everyone else, so maybe someone else will rustle feathers (see what I did there?) first. Either way, I don't see her making the merge.

David Samson (45, Plantation, FL) - David Samson is currently the president of the Miami Marlins and he appears to be very proud of that fact. He also seems to be more proud of the fact that he negotiated some $350 million out of the city of Miami for a new stadium than he is bummed about the fact that the Marlins haven't been baseball relevant since the 2003 World Series.


Another "smartest guy in the room," David is used to being in charge. Now, as a Survivor fan, he should know that trying to be in charge is often seen as a bad thing, but I'm not so sure that will stop him from telling everyone what to do. While I see some of the other Brains as potentially falling through the cracks and going under the radar, I expect David to jump out front and center and either take control of the game or (more likely) be the first boot from this tribe.

J'Tia Taylor (31, Chicago, IL) - J'Tia is the biggest wild card on this tribe for me. She's a nuclear engineer, so she very well could be the smartest person on the tribe. She's attractive, which could have landed her on the Beauty tribe. However, looking at her bio and watching her video, where she admits to being a complainer, I get the sense that she is going to be confused on the social game. She'll think she's more likable than she actually is. Then again, she could be everyone's best friend. She's likable in her video, but seems like that might go out the window when that first meal sucks. So what I'm saying to you is J'Tia will finish somewhere between 18th and 1st.

Overall, I see a lot of arrogance and a lot of ego on the Brains tribe. This will all be fine as long as they're winning challenges. If they start losing, fingers will point and it could get ugly. I definitely see Garrett as the most likely to go far out of this tribe, with J'Tia and Tasha as dark horses. I really see David, Spencer and Kass as possible pre-merge boots if the Brains go on a losing streak.

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