Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Finale Part 2

It's My Night

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analysis HOFer

December 16, 2013

Rockin' the tuxedo shirt.

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Tina is up next and I would think her part would be much easier. And I'm right. She wants each person to use one word only to describe them. Monica says, "Generous." Gervase says, "Honorable" and then uses way more than that one word. Tyson asks if fun-loving is one word or two. She tells him it's one and that's what he goes with.

Hayden is up and he asks Tyson if he had the idol when he drew rocks. Tyson nods and he asks, "Where WAS it?" Tyson tells him where it was and that he was one step ahead of him again. Hayden answers with Kat's patented answer, "Touche." And everyone has a laugh. He moves on to Monica. He tells her that he loves her and Brad. He knows what she's been in life but the perception of her is not that. As he tries to explain himself, Monica goes on asking them if they've never met a nice person, have they never known somebody that isn't selfish, have they never met a neat lady? Hayden tells her that he feels like he doesn't really know her. She suggests that maybe after the game they should get together and have dinner. He'd like that very much.

And to close us out, it's Aras. He congratulates them and says that this was the best moment of this entire experience. He also asks the best question of the night. He asks each person to forget that he has any game awareness and to look at the other two people and tell him which of them deserves to win the game. He starts with Gervase, who says Tyson. He says that Tyson was all over everything. He had them all digging up the beach looking for an idol that he already had. He actually chased them around to make sure they didn't find an idol that wasn't there. Monica's answer is also Tyson. He found both idols and he won the last two immunity challenges. He ran the game for 39 days. Same question for Tyson. He says that honestly, he would have to go with Monica. He talks about how she helped them get information and how she played like she was on the bottom to constantly get all that info. It was info they couldn't get on their own and Monica got it for them.

And with that, it's time to vote. We only see two votes. We see Caleb vote for Ty$on, telling him to marry Rachel, buy her a house and make lots of babies. And we see Vytas vote for Monica, saying that she's a little bit annoying but a real strong woman. And that's all we see...which means that Gervase must not have had any votes to show. As Jeff swipes the votes and heads out, Tyson actually gets a laugh out of Probst with "Byeee Jeff." He giggles, "Bye Tyson."


And as we emerge at the live finale, it's time to read the votes. Again, this time you WANT to see your name on the parchment. It's not much of dramatic moment as Vytas's vote for Monica is the only non-Tyson vote in the bunch. Your winner of Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Tyson Apostle!!! He may not have played the greatest game ever, but he played a darn good one and did everything you need to do to win. The fact that he won the game 7-1 is a testament to the fact that everyone he played with also thought he played a pretty awesome game.

Thanks to everyone for keeping up with the BOP recaps for this season and for putting up with me for the last couple episodes. Ben is an excellent writer (and future Survivor Analysis HOFer, I'm sure) so switching over to me probably wasn't that awesome for you. I hope that I kept you interested enough to finish this column off.

And if I did, I'm gonna give you a little tidbit on the upcoming season of Survivor...the 28th edition of the show. The Reunion teased the next season as Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty. They're going to have three tribes of six people each. They'll be separated by those traits...and as Jeff has been touting in interviews all over the place...these labels do create some issues for the people stuck with them. I'll also mention here that among the cast of S28 is a former NBA player (spoiled by missyae, herself/himself). And he's got much more of an NBA pedigree than a couple of our NFLers: Gary Hogeboom and Brad Culpepper. Anyway...keep watching Survivor and keep checking out BOP and I'll see ya next time. Take care!

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