Survivor: Blood Vs. Water Finale Part 2

It's My Night

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analysis HOFer

December 16, 2013

Rockin' the tuxedo shirt.

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And with that, it's time to play "It's Anyone But Tina.” And she starts off by saying that now is the time to force a tie and that she's going to do what she can to get Monica to go with her. As they get back to camp, Tina tells Tyson that she was glad to see some celebration out of him. He tells us that getting to Day 39 with immunity is one of the best days of his life. As they continue to talk challenge, Gervase gets on Monica for blocking him out on the challenge. He needs to get over it...why would she let you win, dude? Gervase tells us that it's obvious, Tina goes out next and he needs to work on his final jury speech to try to get that million.

Monica is tired of listening to Gevase talk about his final speech and his credentials to win the game. So, Monica is off talking to Tina about possibly forcing a tie. Tina would love to get to the fire making challenge against Gervase, because she'd beat him and he'd go home. Tyson and Gervase are talking about Monica and both acknowledge being worried that Monica could pull enough votes to win. Tina is really pulling on Monica to vote for Gervase. She's telling Monica that Gervase has a good shot to win the game, so it would be good to get him out. Monica really likes this idea as she'd like to make Gervase "earn" his spot in the finals. But ultimately, the bigger question is whether or not she wants to sit next to Tina at the end.


So we start Tribal Council with Jeff asking Tina about the pressure. She said she knew that she had to either win the challenge or work Monica for a tie. Jeff mentions Monica's check of Gervase in the challenge as a way to tell how important she felt this challenge was. The jury loves this story and all look surprised to hear Monica would pull that out. Monica talks about how she's the focal point of another Tribal Council. Gervase is very concerned that he might actually get those two votes and could end up making fire. He admits that a big move is still a possibility and could have a huge impact on the jury. And with that, it's time to vote. Jeff comes back to tally the votes and, as expected, they are: Tina, Tina, Gervase...Tina. And with that, Tyson, Monica and Gervase are your final three. They rode the storm out and through many valiant efforts, they stuck together and worked as a team to get to the final three. Each one can stake a claim to the title of Sole Survivor, but c'mon, let's be honest, Gervase has alienated a lot of people and Monica is fighting the "coat tail rider" uphill battle. This seems to be Tyson's game to lose, but stranger things have happened.

As we come back from break, it's the finalists’ breakfast! We have bacon and eggs, champagne and orange juice, not to mention fruits, breads, muffins. It’s quite the spread. All three are starting to focus on what they'll tell the jury to try to earn their votes. Monica is pretty thrilled to make it this far without Brad. She's looking forward to having a chance to plead her case. Gervase, meanwhile, is really proud of himself for being able to come back after all this time and make the end of the game. Tyson is simply focused on bringing it home. He knows he's done enough to win, but a bad final tribal could waste all that hard work. Speaking of, let's get right to that Final Trinal Council!

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