The Amazing Race 23: Episode 10

By Daron Aldridge

December 2, 2013

More depressing: staring into the abyss of a black hole or a non-elimination leg?

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Nine down…two to go. Episodes that is. We are already on the cusp of another season finale and another team being $1 million richer. Before we jaunt on back to Indonesia to pick up where we left off last week (you know…the scene of the crime known as Nicole’s begging and attempted stealing at the Roadblock), here’s where I ranked the teams.

1. The New England Date-riots Jason & Amy
2. Ex-boyfriend Tim & ex-girlfriend/current raging witch Marie
3. Doctors across borders Travis & Nicole
4. Wild and Crazy cousins Leo & Jamal

Season 23 has gone by at a surprisingly brisk pace and as I mentioned in my rankings, the fact there are only two episodes left and next week’s finale is two hours means that we are likely looking at a non-elimination this week.

So, let’s start this leg that will be an exercise in futility.


Leo & Jamal are now all alone with the elimination of their Race wives (and only people that actually like them on the Race) Ally & Ashley. Despite this, the boys remain their own personal cheerleaders and they are delusional enough to firmly believe they are the best team. Who needs ice cheerleaders to puff you up when you already think so highly of yourself? Leo & Jamal get out of the Pitstop first and are directed to the north entrance of a place called CIC.

Right behind them is the other part of this season’s despicable teams Tim & Marie. It looks like there is no air travel to get in the way of this week’s action; so the teams are trying to maintain any lead possible. Right behind the exes are Jason & Amy and Travis & Nicole, who are amazingly still joined at the hip and have an unwavering and undying allegiance to one another. The daters even delayed their own Pitstop run last leg to essentially save Nicole from herself.

Leading up to the CIC, the teams focus on a reference in the clue to it being an eating task raises the stakes for the teams, who are all a bit wary of trying a local delicacy. Marie in particular is reportedly a very picky eater with a diet of only lettuce and the blood of the livestock sacrificed on an altar. Ok…that might be a bit of a stretch…she probably doesn’t eat lettuce.

But we know that the food in question will be cobra. Yup, the teams eat have to eat their own serving of cobra. The first ones at the task are the cousins and Jamal is retching before even being served his serpent. The dining atmosphere is even more awkward and intimidating as there are live cobras in cages on the tables they have to eat at. Man, I will be disappointed if the producers don’t take advantage of giving William Zabka a cameo at the task. “Defeat does not exist in this dojo, does it?”

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