The Amazing Race 23: Episode 7

By Daron Aldridge

November 11, 2013

The Amazing Race is so much less amazing when nobody gets eliminated.

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Welcome back to another week of Racing that is Amazing…at least it better be or we will have to pursue a "false advertisement" suit against CBS). Before we pick up where we left off in Schwarzenegger’s homeland, here are my rankings in the wake of last week’s Okie-eliminating, taxi-stealing leg:

1. Drs. Travis & Nicole
2. Baseball wives (self-labeled ‘Bunnies’) Nicky & Kim
3. Cab-stealing perpetrators Exes Tim & Marie
4. Cab-stealing victims New Englanders Jason & Amy
5. Afghanimals Leo & Jamal
6. "Ice" girls finish next-to-last Ally & Ashley

We are down to six teams and I posited in my rankings that this will be a non-elimination leg because we are due one for the season. If correct, then we are looking at a case of making no headway this week. Let’s press play on the DVR (because honestly, no one really watches TV "live" anymore).

After Phil gives us the Cliff’s Notes version of Vienna art history, Travis & Nicole rip into the clue and are off to Abu Dhabi. (Dear Millennials: Cliff’s Notes are essentially a print version of Wikipedia before there was a Wikipedia…you know…way back…10 years ago.)


The doctors seem to have settled nicely into their role of leaders in the Race and embraced the nickname the other teams have given them – Power Parents. While it’s cutesy and all, I question the fact that they would want to draw more attention to their standing. Granted, while it would be difficult to hide the dominance they have had, there’s really no value to adopting a boastful moniker, other than to add to their own hubris.

Regardless of my opinion, they are off to the airport to get tickets. Only a few minutes behind them are Nicky & Kim, who have enjoyed a pair of strong legs back-to-back, and the ladies are also en route to the airport. Once again, Leo & Jamal take a side trip to check the Internet for flights, instead of wasting such time sitting in a cab. The cousins see that there is a flight arriving at 5:50 a.m. the next morning and rush to the airport and that airline to secure tickets.

As the other teams leave the mat, Tim & Marie are still relishing in their taxi-snatching on the last leg and surprisingly, the New Englanders are looking at the long-game, which I feared they wouldn’t. Amy explains that they are still angry about the incident but they aren’t going to dwell on it. Jason simply says, “We’ll just beat them on the race itself.” Keep that focus, guys. Oh yeah, Ally & Ashley are still leaving at the back of the pack as usual and they know it.

The boys, who are the lone male-male team remaining, are the only ones to scout out flights prior to the airport and it has paid off. They are ticketed for the first flight and are the only ones with such good fortune. All the other teams are on a flight set to arrive just 10 minutes later but in this Race, any time lead you can muster is worthwhile.

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