Monday Morning Quarterback Part II

By BOP Staff

July 29, 2013

What if the US won a soccer tournament and no one noticed?

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Kim Hollis: Is superhero fatigue a real thing, and does Disney have anything to gain by adding Wolverine to the cast of The Avengers 2?

Jay Barney: Perhaps giving the fans what they want is the problem here. I know the amount of money behind these projects is substantial, but adding Wolverine to the Avengers seems like something they would want to build up to.

Felix Quinonez: Again, I might not be too objective about this but I don't think superhero fatigue is a real thing. If it was possible for these movies to come out on a monthly basis like the comics, I would be there every week. I just saw The Wolverine today and the very next movie I see at the theaters will be The Wolverine for the second time. And I can't wait till Thor comes out, then Captain America, then Spidey, then X-Men. So, yeah that's my opinion on that.

As far as bringing Wolvie into the Avengers 2 I think it would definitely bring some excitement for some people and in it might give an uptick in attendance (if that's even possible, The Avengers was sooo big). But from a storytelling point of view I think it might actually be a detriment. How many big names can you really juggle in one movie? And I don't think you can put Wolverine in a movie and keep him in the sidelines. I mean the X-Men movies were pretty much Wolverine movies. And with the Avengers, they've already got Iron Man front and center. I think it might actually be too much.


Bruce Hall: We're talking about superhero fatigue in a year when Iron Man 3 absolutely crushed it, and the latest Superman film opened to $116 million despite an interminable run time, and an almost fatally flawed third act? I stick by my earlier assertion that The Wolverine was a victim of the previous film's horribleness, and the fact that this character is nowhere near as popular with the general public as either Superman or Robert Downey Jr.

And, I don't think adding Wolverine to Avengers 2 would matter much narratively. First of all, an X-Men/Avengers team up would make more sense in general, but both franchises are already bloated with characters as it is. Plus, we've heard a lot of wild rumors about the next Avengers movie, and until I see some evidence I'm okay treating them as just that. And regardless of all this, now that Downey has signed on the dotted line, Avengers 2 is going to make all the money in the world when it opens - no matter what - and everyone knows it. Start buying gold now, because there will BE no currency left to spend after May 1, 2015.

Jim Van Nest: As long as the movies are good, I don't think there will be superhero fatigue. I mean, do people get sci-fi fatigue? Or horror fatigue? If the films are quality, people will keep watching. As for adding Wolverine to the Avengers...the thought of adding Jackman's Wolverine to Downey's Tony Stark is pretty awesome. But, I'm not sure it can work. I agree with Felix that I'm not sure you can bring in Wolverine and make him play second fiddle to anyone.

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