Weekend Wrap-Up

42 Perks Up Dull Box Office

By John Hamann

April 14, 2013

I wonder how many fantasy points I'm worth today.

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Finishing second is maybe the most unnecessary sequel ever, Scary Movie 5. After Scary Movie 4 opened to $40 million in 2006, I thought this one might do similarly, but thankfully I am completely wrong. Scary Movie 5 opened on Friday to only $5.5 million as it got trounced by Jackie Robinson (my hero), and Friday was the best day of its run. Over the weekend proper, Scary Movie 5 found only $15.1 million, giving it a weekend multiplier of 2.7. Fans of the franchise showed up Friday, and then theaters were quiet for the spoof film over the rest of the weekend. Probably the best joke coming out of the film is its C- Cinemascore, as those Friday night fans would have graded it as such. Made for $20 million, Scary Movie 5 will still likely make some money. Scary Movie 4 was just as popular overseas as it was domestically, so if the fifth film makes $25 million both domestically and abroad, the Weinstein Company should feel no pain. The only pain here is for those that plunk down their hard earned money to see this dreck. Stay away, folks. It has two positive reviews at Rotten Tomatoes and no Anna Faris.

Third place goes to The Croods, which has been battling G.I. Joe for youth dollars over the last few weekends. Now in its fourth weekend, The Croods seems to have finally shaken the Joes off, but earns only $13.2 million, declining 36%. While it didn’t have any real competition show up this weekend, The Croods is simply running out of steam. It has a domestic gross so far of $142.5 million and will finish with about $175 million, as there is no true animated competition until Epic shows up on May 24th. The domestic total surpassed the $135 million production budget this weekend, and the film has crossed the $200 million mark overseas, so The Croods will end as a success for DreamWorks Animation and Fox.


G.I. Joe: Retaliation finishes fourth, as word gets out that this Joe is just as bad as the original. After a 49% drop last weekend, G.I. Joe continues its plunge as it pulls in only $10.8 million and declines 48%. It did manage to cross the $100 million mark, but it is looking like it will fall short of the $150 million earned by G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra, the first film in the series. That one also earned $152 million overseas against a $175 million budget. The sequel cost less at $130 million and will earn more overseas than the original. Retaliation has a domestic gross so far of $102.4 million, and has pulled in more than $150 million overseas.

Last weekend’s winner, Evil Dead, goes from on-top to afterthought in only seven days as it finishes in fifth. After opening to $25.8 million last weekend, the horror flick does the expected as drops a severe 63% to $9.5 million. This Evil Dead is playing almost more like a sequel than a reboot, as it has the big opening followed by a big drop. For the producers involved (Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, Robert Tapert) they were good as gold last weekend, as Evil Dead cost only $17 million to make, and it has a gross so far of $41.5 million.

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