Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 9

Cut Off the Head of the Snake

By Ben Willoughby

April 11, 2013

All he needs is Wilson the Volleyball to complete the effect.

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Previously on Survivor, there was a merge and a gross food challenge which Cochran won. I know! Probst needed smelling salts. Malcolm and Corinne came up with a plan to bring about the dissolution of Stealth R Us, but it collapsed due to some bad play by Corinne, who was faultlessly blind-sided and who I will not forgive for sticking us with Phillip for the rest of the season. Eleven are left, who will be voted out tonight?

We don’t get any footage of the castaways arriving back at camp after the vote, but instead lots of footage of monkeys at dawn. Morning also brings a whispered pep talk from Phillip to his close team – which seems to be Andrea, Dawn, Sherri and no Cochran – about how it has been 23 days and “we are going to do it." Well, one of them, anyway.

Reynold gets the first interview and he’s as irrepressibly Reynold as ever. “I look at last night as a victory." I mean, sure it blew chunks that a key person on his alliance was voted out, and with it his last chance of having any control over this game. But it was a victory that a “favorite” went home, and not him. So, lesson ignored completely.

Reynold gets talking with Eddie about how “every girl associated with us gets voted out” and the interviews about how he has nothing to lose, so he starts talking with Andrea. “What’s your strategy”? “I’m just playing day by day,” she lies before asking Reynold his. “I’m just opening the door,” is all he says. Good talk, bro!


Malcolm gets the next interview, and he is bright-siding things too. “At least now Corinne is gone no one knows about my idol” is one silver lining. That he still has the “fans” on his side is another. And of course he’s still in the game. “They thought they killed the head of the snake. They thought they killed the rebel leader. They don’t know they missed yet."

So we get some snake footage, except this time it’s a python climbing a tree with designs on eating a baby monkey. The baby monkey freaks out and runs away.

Back at the beach, we get Phillip trying to build a relationship with Sherri. “The first time I saw you on the beach, I thought ‘damn, she’s hot!’” is Phillip’s opener. Has he been getting dating advice from Eddie? Anyway, Sherri is totally uninterested, and she changes the subject. “Has Mike talked to you?” “No, he knows it’s over.”

Phillip gives one of his blustering interviews about how the game works in his mind, which is him telling people what to do, and people either doing it or paying the price. He formally inducts Sherri into Stealth R Us, and gives her the name Tenacity, “if you’ll accept it." She absolutely does, and he informs her that she must be loyal and trustworthy.

In interview, Sherri moans about her situation, because not only does she have to play Survivor, she also has to play the Specialist game. “Fake organizations, secret alliances, it’s crazy. They’re all crazy out here." Okay, so the people who lost the vote are optimistic and claiming victory, while the people on the winning side are all “this is the worst ever."

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