The Amazing Race 22: Episode 7

The Amazing Race 22: Episode 7

By Daron Aldridge

April 1, 2013

All this clue says is 'You're screwed!'

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Last week, Botswana was the scene of the crime known as yet another non-elimination leg. The good news is that just increases our odds that this week will involve a team going home…and hopefully, it will be the married Alabamans Chuck & Wynona, who have lasted way longer than their skills should allow.

Well, it looks like this leg will remain in Africa, which means that an airport won’t be a time factor (but something else surely will) and there will be plenty of opportunity for racers like Katie to badmouth how these tribes live.

Leaders Bates & Anthony rip into their first clue at 5:39 a.m. and must drive themselves to Boro Village for their next clue. The boys point out their apprehension that this is the first time that they have no one to follow, so they are a bit nervous about that. On the other hand, the unfoundedly arrogant Pam & Winnie leave 30 minutes later and declare that they love being separated from the pack and that the show should only focus on them. If that was the direction the producers went, then they would lose at least one viewer permanently...this guy.


A few minutes later, the team that is in over their mulleted heads leaves the mat for Boro Village. Of course, Wynona is already complaining about running to the car. With all the teams out of the Pit Stop within an hour or so from first to last, the issues start immediately. Notably, Bates & Anthony are slow-going and extremely hesitant for fear they would head in the wrong direction and Max & Katie are lost trying to find their car at all. Plus, Wynona complains that Africa has a smell about it that she compared to a “big bowl of dung.” Admittedly, I rewatched this clip of hers five times and it was either “dung” or “funk” or “dump.” Regardless, she wasn’t enamored and decided to compare the entire continent to an unpleasant aroma. Stay classy, Alabama.

No sooner do Caroline & Jen express appreciation for how God has blessed them in their lives then...WHAM!...they are stopped for speeding. Unable to sweet talk her way out of a ticket for going 96 kmph in a 60 kmph zone, the girls now have to report to the police station that day and pay the approximately $100 ticket. Like that, the singers have created their own little Speed Bump.

Speaking of teams with pending Speed Bumps, Max & Katie are still lost. Imagine the last time you were wandering aimlessly around the mall parking lot trying to remember where you parked during the busy holiday season. Now imagine that your shopping companion’s shrill voice isn’t helping matters by belittling you for not being able to find the car. You MIGHT have an idea of the reality in which Max is living right now. They finally find it but that doesn’t mean Katie will let it go. Last week, I gave these guys credit for not fighting and therefore actually doing well on a couple of legs. Well, old habits die hard and it’s easy to slip back into your bickering ways.

Bates & Anthony are the first ones at Boro Village and see what’s in store for them. It’s decision time between Road Block and Fast Forward. With a slight time lead, they decide to check out the Fast Forward, which is at the same location. The producers didn’t mess around with this one either.

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