Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 4

Kill Or Be Killed

By Ben Willoughby

March 7, 2013

These two should do a buddy cop movie.

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Previously on Survivor, everything on the “fans” tribe was upside down, according to Probst, because “the strong were on the bottom” while “an alliance of the weak controlled the game." I guess Reynold isn’t the only one who thinks the Tri-Lambdas were the bad guys in Revenge of the Nerds. But the alliance of the weak couldn’t control Shamar, who threatened to quit because people were lying to him! On Survivor! Excuse me while I collect my monocle! But Sherri and Laura convinced him to stay.

Meanwhile among the “favorites” everything was great, and Malcolm (and Corinne) found the immunity idol. Their winning immunity streak continued, and “Eddie and Reynold were duped” while Hope was voted off. Seventeen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

The “fans” arrive back at their camp. “Where do you think we’re gonna go from here?” asks Eddie. He says to Sherri “Did you not say you wanted the strongest tribe possible?” as though the beauty queen would have won any immunity challenges. “Did you say that? Did you say that?” he needles Sherri, and she hoarsely snaps back “Yes I said that! Yes I said that!” Is Sherri admitting she is lying? My monocle!

Anyway, Eddie interviews that they voted off Hope because Hope was the prettiest girl there and that made her a threat. Did it? How many players have won Survivor based solely on their good looks?

Reynold joins the fun, pointing out that Laura made him look like “the biggest idiot” for voting for Shamar. He ends declaring that “I don’t want to be associating with any of you. I have no respect for any of you!” For what? For playing Survivor? This is even sillier than Shamar’s “don’t talk to me” list.


If Reynold had watched a single episode of Survivor, he’d know that this is how the game is played. Survivor isn’t some coronation ceremony where you walk to victory and everyone pays homage to your greatness. Well, maybe it is if your name is Kim Spradlin.

After the commercial, we come back to Bikal, whatever tribe that is. Oh, the “favorites”. Phillip is laying stake to his camera time of the week by taking a leaf from Napoleon’s playbook. As Phillip explains, Napoleon had a lot of ambitious generals but not a lot of money to fight his wars, so he made up a bunch of titles and honors to keep them happy. Just like Phillip has with the Stealth R Us alliance! And they all take their titles so seriously!

Anyway, to contain the threat of Brandon, Phillip goes to him and officially makes him a member of Stealth R Us. Brandon’s title is “the Conqueror”. Brandon interviews that it only took him nine days of kissing butt to infiltrate Stealth R Us, and disses Phillip’s Special Agent skills.

Now we see Phillip give Erik the title of “the Silent One”, explaining that Erik’s role is to listen quietly and gather information. We get an interview from Andrea grouching about how Phillip is giving everyone a name – even though she likes that Brandon has a name – and then says, “What next? Is he going to give Brenda a name?”

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