Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 3

There's Gonna Be Hell To Pay

By Ben Willoughby

February 28, 2013

You will not believe the things she tried to stay on the show.

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Previously on Survivor, Stealth R Us was expanded and restructured, leaving Brandon upset that voting against the dominant alliance didn’t entitle him to join the C-suite of management. Meanwhile, among the “fans,” the pretty alliance still couldn’t count past four, and when the tribe absolutely sucked at pulling sticks out of an underwater cage, they were sent to Tribal. Reynold found an idol that he managed to keep secret from everyone for about 15 seconds and Allie was sent home. Who will be voted out tonight?

The fans arrive back at camp, and Eddie asks if they want to talk or just drop it. “Nothing more to say, really” says Matt. Heh. Reynold explains to Matt, Sherri and Mike they he is not friends with them, but they need each other to win. He claims that he was going to use the idol for the betterment of the tribe, but now it’s “game on."

Shamar won’t let that go, and wants to bring up this is really all about how Reynold made this big plan to vote Shamar out and it didn’t work. Eddie, who is never going to make a good defence lawyer, says “Come on, it wasn’t our plan, dude!” Shamar points out that it was their plan all along and they shouldn’t be “Oh, we can’t be a family any more now you voted one of us out."

Eddie claims that it was one of Shamar’s now-alliance who first said they wanted Shamar gone, but Shamar brings up Reynold’s big speech after the immunity challenge and says “You weren’t going to vote the way he was going to vote? You’re his ace boon coon!”, which reassures me is a perfectly acceptable phrase in this context.


Laura interviews the next morning that as she (she?) had saved Shamar’s ass, he could have shown his appreciation by just shutting up. But he is shouting at Matt and now Julia, trying to find out who the other person was who wanted him gone, and that he is “strong”. Anyway, Laura says that the part of Shamar that was fun is completely gone now.

While I think Shamar’s correct to point out everything that’s wrong with “it wasn’t our plan, dude,” when your stated strategy is to lay around so the other players believe you don’t care about the game and shout at a lot of people from Day 1, you can’t turn around and complain when people get annoyed at you and say “Let’s vote Shamar.” Shamar can clearly cut to the bone for other people’s self-justifying arguments, but not when it comes to his own.

The next morning, Eddie and Reynold commiserate. “We’re in a tight spot now, friend-o,” says Reynold. “It’s Revenge of the Nerds,” Eddie says, as though the nerds were the bad guys and Stan Gable was right to leave a burning “nerds” sign outside the Tri-Lambda frat house. Eddie says it will be him before Reynold, and Reynold is a little affronted. “Why are you before me?” he asks, as though Eddie is claiming Reynold is not a strategic threat. “You have the idol.” Duh. Anyway, their plan is just to lay low and wait for Shamar to annoy everybody else. Probably through shouting. Good plan.

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