The Amazing Race Season 22: Preview

By Daron Aldridge

February 17, 2013

Here's a bunch of people we'll mostly hate in a few hours.

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An Amazing Race haiku to kick off the season:

Racing ‘round the world
A new Amazing season
Of Phil’s arched eyebrow

It’s time for you to get ready for a new batch of dysfunctional teams of Amazing Racers seeking a million dollars and damaging America’s international reputation. What better way than with our seasonal round of introductions and knee-jerk reactions/predictions? If you thought that after 21 seasons of the show that there is a sure-fire, can’t miss way to predicting a winner for the Race, then you would be wrong. At this point, predictions remain equal parts “educated” and “guess,” with a pretty liberal definition of “educated.”

Let’s dive right in and give the teams vying for screen time and cash a proper introduction (in order of how I think they will fare this season).


Pamela & Winnie (Friends): Wow. This team had the least dynamic or memorable welcome/intro interview of the bunch. These ladies lack much enthusiasm at all and embrace their lack of patience as if it were a prize. Oh, but it doesn’t stop there. They apparently both have short tempers too. When it comes time for their good qualities, they offer not actual examples of their strengths. Rather they list off the standard “we’re smart, we’re not afraid to try anything” go-to line. Being multi-lingual would be very useful for them but since I predict they will be the first team eliminated, I doubt this skill will get much use.

Charles & Wynonna (Married): Tentatively named Team Big Bad Hair. Charles (or Chuck as he calls himself) can’t stop smiling. He seems like a giddy kid on Christmas morning about being on the Race but Wynonna seems more irritated than excited. She is quick to point out that this was all his idea and comes across happy to fill the role of negative naysayer on the team. I envision her losing her cool and throwing out “Whatevers” with reckless abandon in Charles’ general direction. They do appear to have a pretty strong grasp on the pitfalls of the Race and the need to “think and then run.” This could serve them well if Wynonna doesn’t just get overwhelmed and throw her hands up in defeat. Tenth place seems to be their destiny.

Matthew & Daniel (Friends): Tentatively named Team SCFD. These South Carolina firefighters (SC + FD = their nickname) are just a couple of good ol’ boys who have been best friends forever. The physical demands of their profession should have prepared them for some elements of the Race but I am not convinced that is enough for these guys. Even they don’t think that they are equipped mentally to endure on the Race and think that will be their biggest downfall, plus with an "Aw shucks" attitude, the travel to foreign areas (which is to say anywhere outside the South Carolina state line for them is “foreign”) is equally problematic. Since we are all in agreement with that, let’s say they are eliminated in ninth place and call it a day.

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