The Amazing Race Season 22: Preview

By Daron Aldridge

February 17, 2013

Here's a bunch of people we'll mostly hate in a few hours.

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Mona & Beth (Friends): Tentatively named Team Sock ‘er, Moms. Both Mona & Beth have the common thread of being mothers of three kids, as well as years of experience in the competitive, stressful and physically demanding sport of roller derby. I love that Beth describes the Race as “Your bucket list consolidated down into three or four weeks.” While not in the heat of the Race, they appear like two average moms but they do give an air of confidence but not arrogance in their ability to be competitive and hopefully they will perform at the level that their roller derby years have pushed them to perform at. If that competitiveness kicks in and proves valuable, I am predicting a fourth place finish for them.

Anthony & Bates (Brothers): Tentatively named Team Slapshot or Team Lockout. It looks like these hockey brothers made the most of the NHL lockout by squeezing in the Amazing Race while they waited to get back on the ice and their chosen profession. These guys are going to be physically imposing figures on the Race but browsing 21 seasons of Amazing Race history, it’s not always the strongest team that wins. In fact, it is rarely the physically strongest team (cough* Team Beekman * cough) that wins. On the plus side, these guys seem genuinely nice, which could serve them very well with the other teams. Plus, you can add in that they acknowledge that when it comes down to them or teams they are allied with, they are going to look out for number one. My gut feels they could stake a claim to a spot in the final three.


David & Connor (Father/Son): Tentatively named Team Livestrong. Clearly this season was filmed before the Lance Armstrong bombshell rocked the Livestrong organization because this team of cancer-surviving father and son proudly wear Livestrong gear. Because I’m not a cold, callous person, I will do exactly as the producers want and root for this team to win. The compelling aspect that both men have underwent and came out on top of cancer is reason enough to want to them to excel on the Race but then they speak and their appreciation for life is front and center and admirable. It just makes me want to root for them even more enthusiastically. Despite the physical trials of disease, both appear to be in excellent shape and the combination of a strong body and strong, positive outlook should push them to the end. Possibly even as the first ever parent/child winning team, if they can stave off…

John & Jessica (Dating): Tentatively named Meghan & Cheyne 2.0. This Minnesota couple that relocated to California has all the signs of being a Race reincarnation of dominating force/winning team from a couple seasons ago, Meghan & Cheyne. John & Jessica are proud adrenaline junkies, who have marathons, rock climbing, scuba diving, skydiving, white water rafting, etc. under their belts already. They may be the most physically fit team on the Race and during their introduction video, they give an air of likeability that seems genuine without a hint of egotism. Plus, their resume of thrill seeking pastimes seems to be have been unofficially prepping them for the Race for years. If that balance of athleticism and likeability are the reality, then I will pick them to win it all.

There you have it and now it’s almost time for use to begin our other annual tradition of seeing how incredibly wrong I am with my guesses. It’s only a little bit longer until our lovable host Phil unleashes these people on the world, treating us to a few months of entertaining adventures.

So, when the clock strikes 8 p.m. (EST) tonight, it’s time to “GO!”

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