The Amazing Race Recap

The Amazing Race Recap

By Daron Aldridge

December 3, 2012

Don't these diablos know they will get better tips if they take off their shirts?

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And then there were two…episodes left. Also, there are only four teams left but one of them won’t make it out of this leg ALIVE. Okay, they will just be eliminated from the Race but let me try to wring some suspense out of what’s left of a slightly above average season. Especially since this week, it would take a miracle or a primo error by one of the other teams in order for Race-challenged Team Beekman to make it in the finals. As Phil reminds us, they have narrowly avoided elimination for five straight legs. That streak has to come to an end.

Football is done for the day and only 12 minutes over schedule. Let’s head to the Holland starting point and see where this leg takes the teams.

Team Despicable Natalie & Nadiya are in the Fast Forward-resulting first place and leave at 2:55 a.m. for Barcelona, Spain. In Spain, the teams have to take a ferry to the island of Mallorca where performers dressed like demons will have their clue. So, the twins are actually evil will have to interact with people only pretending to be evil. Maybe they can teach the performers a thing or two.

The girls secure seats on the 6 a.m. direct flight to Spain and of course, they are all alone, as we see Team Beefcake Jaymes & James open their clue at 5:57 a.m. Surprisingly, the twins are exhibiting some semblance of humility as they say their primary goal was to not be the first ones eliminated and are not just hoping to make the final three. This is only lip service to me because of the way they have acting on the Race. Actions speak louder than words and their actions are the reason for the “Despicable” in my assigned nickname.

Team Beefcake recaps their U-Turning of Abbie & Ryan and then give us insight into the fact that they don’t even know who the fourth team is. This is just another brick in the wall that seals the fate of Team Beekman. If they are that far behind, those guys are not driven enough to make up that much ground.


Our friendly neighborhood Chippendales performers get to the airport and take off on a 7:20 a.m. flight. Chronologically speaking, Longhorns Trey & Lexi are off the departure mat at 6:38 a.m. and get a flight of their own at 7:55 a.m. Basically, there is a two hour difference between the twins and the dating couple. I’m sure they will try but I don’t know how the producers can paint this leg as anything more than a foregone conclusion with Josh & Brent going home.

Speaking of Team Bleakman (see what I did there…hehehe), they are free to leave Holland at 9:38 a.m. or 38 minutes after the twins have landed in Spain and discovered that the ferry ticket office doesn’t open until 10 a.m.

If my math is correct, which there is a 50/60 chance it’s not, then the flight from Holland to Spain is three hours. So the girls may be on the ferry to Mallorca before the next team even lands. Or maybe not. Jaymes & James have landed and are at the ferry to find out that the boat they will be on doesn’t leave until 11 p.m. Therefore, ALL four teams will be on it. Since Teams Despicable, Beefcake and Longhorn (who arrived shortly thereafter) all have 12 hours to kill, they decide to unwind on the beaches of Spain for the day. Yay for footage of a team I hate enjoying themselves. The upside is that Josh & Brent will be on the same ferry as well and this leg is starting fresh for all teams in theory. But this theory is unproven and I still think that Team Beekman could be labeled Team Weakmen.

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