Survivor: Philippines - Episode 11

Hell Hath Frozen Over

By Ben Willoughby

November 29, 2012

You can't vote me off if 80% of me is under water!

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Previously on Survivor, Lisa had a tearful break-up with Abi, “leaving Pete and Abi powerless”. Then she went and formed a final four alliance with Malcolm, Denise, and Michael after Jonathan didn't feel ready to commit. At Tribal Council, Denise said a lot of things about Abi that we are all still really, really upset about. Abi played her immunity idol and Pete was voted out. Seven are left, who will be voted out tonight?

There’s no return-from-Tribal Council scene, so obviously everyone went straight to bed without saying anything interesting. The next morning, Abi asks Michael “what do you think?” Michael doesn’t respond, so Abi says “Yesterday, you guys were brutal towards me. I never felt you felt that way around me.” Michael just nods.

Denise interviews about “negative grumpy Abi," and then goes into the jungle with Jonathan to shake their heads while talking about her. “Furious, defensive, bitter” is Jonathan’s verdict. Denise tempts fate by saying that they have a solid four and “unless Abi miraculously wins immunity”, she will be going next. And if Abi does win immunity, there’s always Jonathan.

Day 28, and Malcolm and Abi are going to the clue box. There are envelopes inside with all the castaways’ names on them, but Malcolm can basically smell the jury votes so he blurts that at Tribal Council he “wanted to give [Abi] a hug." He interviews that it was like “the tribe decided to lay Abi down in the road, run over her with a bus and then back up and do it again."


“Denise was rough,” Malcolm agrees with Abi. “She said that she would not want to spend the rest of her days here with me because I’m not a person she wants to relate with.” Obviously this is the cruelest thing anyone could say ever. “I’m sorry darling,” sympathises Malcolm. “It was horrible, worst day of my life,” Abi continues. “Abi’s very un-self-aware. It’s hard not to feel sympathy for her when she’s breaking down,” says Malcolm who came into the game saying he was going to play “sociopathically” but is calling her “darling”.

Abi and Malcolm come back with the envelopes and Jonathan, who’s never quiet when he knows something, says “I know what this is!” That’s right, it’s time for a Survivor auction. But before that, we have to sit through an Abi interview where she says she is the most unliked person on the island, but she’s going to keep playing the game. And with that in mind, she’s going to wait for the right opportunity to use her money.

Probst sighting! Probst explains the rules of Survivor auction - $500 per castaway, bidding is in increments of $20, no one can share food or money.

First up are some pancakes and bacon. Denise bids $500 without blinking an eye. $1.99 at a diner, Michael mocks, like he’s not going to fork over $500 for some magic beans later in the challenge.

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