Survivor: Philippines - Episode 10

Whiners are Weiners

By Ben Willoughby

November 23, 2012

Perhaps I'm not the mastermind I thought I was.

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Previously on Survivor, Pete and Abi "ruled the game with an iron fist." But Jonathan set to work on recruiting Lisa over to the Kalabaw side by trying to convince her that helping a group of turds to the final isn’t what the audience back home wants to see. However, while Stockholm Syndrome-sufferer Lisa remained loyal to the Tandang alliance, Michael (who was probably drunk on the powers of individual immunity) flipped, and Artis was voted out. Who will be voted out tonight?

Pete and Abi commiserate over Artis. Everyone else fist-bumps. Abi whine-terviews that “I thought we had agreed that Tandang were supposed to be strong and make a big move together." Michael talks with Denise and Jonathan about the perfect scenario being them in the final six and then shaking hands and saying “game on." But Michael also interviews about how he needs to make several big moves to win and that he wants to control the game as much as he can.

The next morning, Lisa is breaking up with Abi. She voiceovers that she has “never been good at break-ups. I have continued in relationships way too long just because I didn’t want to hurt them” She’ll probably lead with the old “It’s not you, it’s me”.

But to Lisa’s credit, she informs Abi that she never wavered from her alliance, and also she can’t be in an alliance with someone who cannot trust her. Remember, it is two Tribal Councils running that we have seen Abi say that she can’t trust Lisa.


Abi interrupts to say that what Lisa said at Tribal Council about the other side showing more grace than them hurt Abi’s feelings. “They’re just saying that to get ahead in the game,” protests Abi. As opposed to Abi, who is... not trying to get ahead in the game at all? Abi challenges that Lisa doesn’t want to be at the bottom of an alliance, but Lisa says that she’d happily take sixth if it meant that she won’t be called out at Tribal Council for being untrustworthy (or have to deal with Abi again). “All right,” Abi dismisses her, saying that she’s not going to try any more.

Reward challenge! Probst sighting! Probst explains that the tribe will be split into two teams. There are three circles arranged in a triangle, and two drums, a red one and a yellow one in each circle. Each team has to flip their drum so it is face up, and they can also flip the other team’s drum so it is face down. Get all three of your team’s drums face up, you win your team a point. First team to three points wins reward.

And the reward is spa day. Bath, shampoo, massage, manicures and pedicures. And maybe a little hair removal to go along? Anyway, the teams are Abi, Carter, Malcolm and Pete (the red team) versus Jonathan, Denise, Michael and Lisa (yellow).

Carter vs Jonathan ends predictably in Carter’s favour, and then Michael defeats Malcolm when Malcolm forgets to flip over the yellow team’s drum. Clearly it’s a mentally challenging game, because in the next round, Abi flips over one of the yellow drums so it is face up, meaning an easy victory for Lisa. “Are you clear on what’s happening?” Probst asks. “No, not really.” is the reply. It’s 2-1 yellow.

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