The Amazing Race Recap

Off to See the Wizard

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

November 12, 2012

Please don't let there be a name for this fetish.

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Since Abbie & Ryan and Josh & Brent are so far behind, we haven’t seen much of them for a while. The two teams decide to play together for the rest of the leg, realizing that one of them will finish in last place but understanding that there will be some level of comfort in teaming up.

Either James or Jaymes has taken the lock task. We don’t know which one, because we can’t tell them apart. The twins finally get the thumbs up from the angry judge and are on their way.

Trey has done a good job with the lock busywork, and has found a silver cylinder that contains their next clue. It sends them to the Bolshoi and the Pitstop. It’s looking like the Longhorns are going to dominate this leg.

James & Abba are doing their best at the swimming task, but the judge is rolling her eyes anyway.

The Longhorns are greeted as team number one, and they will receive a trip to Maui, where if Trey doesn’t propose, their relationship is totally over. Trey, the even worse news is we know a Bridezilla when we spot one.

Over at the locks, James & Jaymes have finished and are off to the Pitstop. Their happy-go-lucky response is in direct contrast to the twins. Now is the time when the twins start fighting. Now is also the time when we remember where the mute button is on our remote.

The two last-place teams have finally arrived in Russia and are getting started on their tasks. James & Abba are really struggling with the swimming task, saying that they’ve had to do it about 20 times. They’re determined to finish it off now, and the judge lets them go, mainly because she’s tired of them.


Ryan & Abbie and Josh & Brent are presented with the option to choose between the library and the swimming pool. There is no real choice, however, because the library is closed. Abbie feels pretty confident about the task because she’s a teacher, and Ryan is confident as well. Josh & Brent deflate. They are not strong swimmers and had planned to avoid any water-based challenges. Since this is The Amazing Race instead of Survivor, they should have been able to do so. Alas, missing the connecting flight bites them yet again.

The twins are checked in as team number three (but last in our hearts).

James & Abba arrive at the lock challenge and Abba decides to take it on. They go to tell their cab driver that he can leave. They also want to pick up their stuff from the cab. During the attempt, they realize that the cab is already gone. They have lost everything, including their passports, backpacks and cash. After finishing the challenge, they decide to go ahead and head to the Pitstop to see what happens.

Abbie & Ryan easily breeze through the swimming challenge, but stay to wait for the goat farmers as per the terms of their earlier agreement. Josh & Brent are absolutely terrible at this. Brent can’t flip at all, and the judge berates him.

Over at the Pitstop, James & Abba are told they are the fourth team to arrive, but Phil cannot check them in without their passports. The men have no idea what they’re going to do, and…


There’s a reason we have a gallows mentality about this show.

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