The Amazing Race Recap

By Daron Aldridge

November 5, 2012

If we lose, I'm going to blame you once an hour for the next five years.

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With the unsavory taste of non-elmination almost off our palettes, let’s just dive right into the next leg, which (according to my Uverse episode description) not only takes the teams to Turkey but subjects Josh & Brent to a Speed Bump that will assault their taste buds. Two “bad food” references in the opening sentence clearly is a sign that I didn’t enjoy dinner as much as I thought I did.

With James & Abba ripping into their clue as the first team at 8:30 a.m., we learn that they are heading to Istanbul, Turkey, and all I have is They Might Giants’ “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” repeating in my head. Maybe I will just download it from iTunes and cue up the song at any point when Natalie & Nadiaya begin to annoy. So basically, any time they are on screen.

The more important question is whether the airline will negate Headbangers’ Ball’s lead. Well, the guys head to a travel agent for airline info. Given that we then see Abbie & Ryan leave at 11:04 a.m. and then the twins leave at just after noon, I think that we are looking at a team-bunching situation at the airport.

In their cab, the divorcees both acknowledge the reality check that was visiting Bangladesh. And then Ryan caps it off with “The next time your 51” Samsung TV starts acting up, quit your bitching and visit Dhaka.” It seems that while they wouldn’t trade places with anyone living in Dhaka or have a future promoting Bangladesh tourism, the dating couple realizes how good they have it at home.

Rob & Kelley are next off the mat at 12:31 p.m. So, the twins who have an unfounded and overinflated sense of aptitude are less than a half an hour ahead of the monster truckers. Well, at this point, the order they arrived at the travel agent doesn’t matter as there is only one flight and it doesn’t leave until 6:25 the next morning. So, Abbie & Ryan, who apparently dislike James & Abba as much as they dislike the twins, secure their seats and then just leave the office.


Longhorns Trey & Lexi leave at 12:53 p.m., following by Team Beefcake Jaymes & James at 1:30 a.m. and Team Beekman Josh & Brent at 3:04 p.m. The guys remind us once again that when they lost their jobs and needed to save their farm, they didn’t quit. This is their mantra, which seems more to their benefit than ours.

At the travel agent, the most despicable move by a team this season (and possibly any season) occurs. And who are the perpetrators? Of course, it is Natalie & Nadiaya. When James & Abba leave their money on the counter and walk away to use the computer, one of the twins scoops it up and feigns an attempt to see who left their money but she knows it was James & Abba and like an immoral coward won’t even look at them. The twins then rope Trey & Lexi into their deceitful and outright wrong move by getting them to not point it out to the guys. Natalie then tries to rationalize that she has a good conscience but the competitive drive took over. Well, Natalie, that means that you DON’T have a good conscience. And the fact is that during your confessional/interview segment you are all smiles and giggles shows you are remorseless also. Consider the common idiom: “Character is doing what is right when no one is looking.” These shady individuals chose to do the wrong thing while EVERYONE was looking. Who even knows what they would do when people aren’t looking. I didn’t think I could dislike this team more but they proved me wrong. They have evolved from annoying to unapologetic cheaters. I am done with them and I hope that this is called out by Phil at the end of the leg.

To make matters worse, the whole incident shows that Trey & Lexi’s character is for sale also and that price is half the money stolen from James & Abba. It is mainly Lexi who is perpetuating this deal but Trey is complicit in the wrong-doing. Silence is compliance.

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