Survivor: Philippines - Episode 7

Not the Only Actor on This Island

By Ben Willoughby

November 1, 2012

She won Halloween with this Jane costume.

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Previously on Survivor, Probst explains how Matsing was reduced to two and then he totally slobbers over Malcolm, who was absorbed into Tandang and “winning challenge after challenge." Things didn’t work out so well for Denise at Kalabaw challenge-wise, but at least she’s still in the game.

Probst then recaps how at the last reward challenge, Michael and RC convinced Tandang to forfeit, meaning Kalabaw actually won a challenge. We never saw RC do any convincing, but anyway, Probst points out that they were then vilified by the majority. But it didn’t matter in the end because in the words of Probst, “Malcolm single-handedly copped a victory, while Katie continued to be a liability” and was sent packing. Speaking of vilified.

Kalabaw arrives back from Tribal Council, and Jonathan volunteers that they should give Denise a break because she has been to six on a row. If she makes it to the merge, she’ll be at every one of them until she gets voted out.

Jonathan is also curious about why his name was written down at Tribal Council. Jeff Kent blames it on Katie being angry at Jonathan for some reason. Maybe it was her lady hormones! Jeff Kent claims that she just wanted Jonathan out, and he “couldn’t convince her otherwise so I let her run with it."


Jeff Kent interviews that he was pretty close to voting for Jonathan at Tribal Council, but decided against it. He describes it as “two guys taking shots at each other in the dark, and I hope to get to him before he gets to me."

For his part, Jonathan interviews that the one vote, even if it was meaningless, was a “good wake-up call” because he forgets that other people may be lying to him from time to time. He asks “do I have my eyes open going forward? Of course, it would be ridiculously stupid not to." That is some ridiculously stupid foreshadowing.

After the credits, we cross to Tandang in the hope that something might actually happen. But no, we get a close up of their coffee pot in the fire. Michael is reminiscing about how in his first season, Day 17 – which is today – is the day he fell in the fire. “Dude, you barely made it this far,” Malcolm points out, looking at the numerous scabs on Michael’s face and shoulders.

Out to sea, there is a boat with outriggers approaching. It beaches in the Tandang cove and hands over a message that the two tribes are now merged and they have ten minutes to collect their crap and clear out. No big, dramatic announcement by Probst? What are they paying him for?

Anyway, there is the scurrying around that we saw in the promo, and Malcolm has to take the time to recover his hidden immunity idol. They load everything up on the boat and leave.

The boat causes less commotion at Kalabaw – probably because stuff actually happens there – as Jonathan was the only one to approach the boat and get the news of the merge. But they all sound thrilled to be merging – or at least, to have made the merge. Denise interviews that Kalabaw is going to stay four strong, but she would like to go back to her original alliance with Malcolm.

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