Shop Talk: The Cloud Part V: Disc to Digital

By David Mumpower

August 22, 2012

These are not the movies we recommend starting your cloud with.

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What we will examine in this column is the methodology through which you may seed your cloud. I recognize that this sounds like a pricey endeavor. I want to assure you, however, that there are cheap options available in the marketplace. These will allow you to try the services without committing to anything long term.

I think you will be surprised by how many ways there are to mitigate your financial outlay. I have tipped off several friends on shortcuts to quick cloud seeding at economical prices. Suffice to say that they are already addicted. I want to pass along the details to you as well.

There are at least two phases to starting your Ultraviolet digital library. The unavoidable step is that you must create an account at This is the official Ultraviolet site as well as the hub for all of your content. Oddly, there is no means through which you can view stream your collection at this site. The “Stream now” links will re-direct you to other sites.

This brings me to the second phase. You will need to create an account at a Web site such as or in order to view your content. and are also places where you will need to create an account if you want to possess the full spectrum of possible Ultraviolet purchases. For now, we will focus on Flixster and Vudu.


Once you have created accounts at Ultraviolet, Vudu and Flixster, here is what you will need to know. Your collection will be accessible at and These are the web pages to bookmark. You will spend most of your time redeeming codes and watching movies from these locations. In practice, is a Web site I rarely visit. And yes, I readily acknowledge that having to create multiple accounts is an irksome exercise in bureaucracy. We will explore this in a later column as I have asked friends to join Ultraviolet in order that they may share their experiences as well. Some went slightly better than others.

Now that you have an empty online movie library, the goal is to seed your cloud with your favorite films. As was the case in the early days of MP3s, not every title you want is currently available. This will not be a situation wherein you can replace your entire disc collection immediately. I am not writing this column in anticipation of this being your intention.

I will say that it was mine to a certain extent. We had several thousand movies in our collection. My wife and I understand that our goal is to program the Us Channel wherein many of our favorite titles are available at the touch of a click. This is an ongoing process. We required the body of a decade to reach the 95th percentile on our music library. I expect the same timeframe for movies. So this is not an overnight process in my estimation.

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