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By David Mumpower

June 28, 2012

Third date.

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Everything else in the top ten but The Avengers, Madagascar 3, Snow White and the Huntsman, Brave and (arguably) Prometheus is box office garbage. This is not an exaggeration. The failings of Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter are readily apparent, while yesterday’s fifth place release was That’s My Boy. Adam Sandler’s latest comedy earned $950,215 in its 13th day in theaters. For perspective, Sandler’s last three films did not fall under $1 million in daily revenue until the 19th day on average. That’s My Boy is effectively done at the box office already with a paltry $31,397,618, less than what Sandler’s films ordinarily earn on opening weekend.

Seventh place belongs to Rock of Ages, which is mirroring That’s My Boy. After opening on the same day, each film is now earning less than a million a day. Rock of Ages managed $868,350 yesterday, which gives it a running domestic total of $31,363,431. Barring something unforeseen, That’s My Boy is likely to earn more before they are both out of theaters next month. Even worse, Rock of Ages has a slightly more expensive budget. The good news is that soundtrack sales will mitigate some of the damage here. Still, we are talking about movies that cost $145 million to produce that will barely earn back half of that cost domestically.

The other movies of note at the bottom of the top ten today are Men in Black 3 and, well, Moonrise Kingdom. The third sci-fi buddy cop film managed $744,476, giving it a grand total of $165,998,272. As difficult as this is to believe, Men in Black is going to fall short or, at best, effectively match Men in Black 2’s $190 million. And this is with the extensive ticket price inflation created by 3D sales. Men in Black 3 has been soundly rejected by North American audiences. It is approaching $600 million worldwide, which justifies the budget expenditure, but it’s an underachiever on this side of the Atlantic.


With regards to Moonrise Kingdom, I have only glowing things to say about its $460,213. This movie has the best hold in the top ten (8% depreciation) and it joins Brave as the only two movies with per-venue averages above $1,000. Moonrise Kingdom keeps humming along with a grand total of $13,064,307 in limited engagements thus far.

What this means for Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, however, is unmitigated disaster. In its sixth day in theaters, the Steve Carell comedy suffers the worst drop of any movie in the top 12 (30% depreciation). Also, it falls to 11th place. With a running total of $5,211,451, the people who made this movie definitely need a friend. And this probably is the end of their world, at least in Hollywood.

The top ten earned $16.6 million yesterday, a decline of 19% from Tuesday’s $20.5 million. Once again, Brave’s $6.8 million skews the picture here. Without it, the rest of the top ten earned less than $10 million combined.

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